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What is Your Fear?

My dad was a farmer. He also worked alongside his dad and brother in their logging camp. They had Bee Hives, raised cattle and a few horses, among all else that entails farming. I don’t recall ever seeing any of … Continue reading

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Full Moon Blessings

On July 16th, this past Tuesday, there was a full moon. This July full moon is called the “BLESSING” moon. Alternatively, July’s full moon is called the “MEADOW” moon. I have meadows in all of my WARRIOR books. This meadow, … Continue reading

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Family Traditions

I love family traditions–what ornaments go where on the Christmas tree, the inside jokes that only the family understands, summer evenings with board games, photos, trips, memories. Did you know that scents are the strongest memory makers we have? A … Continue reading

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Now is the winter of our discontent

Here in New Zealand, we’re waking to frosty morning and chilly days. I’d like to hibernate my way through winter, but that’s not about to happen. Instead, I’ve finished my novel Unkept Promises and put it up on preorder, nearly … Continue reading

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Beautiful People

Why are characters in romance novels beautiful? Because we want to read about good-looking people. For a few hours we escape and become the characters. We want to be a pale blonde with big blue eyes, or maybe a dark-haired … Continue reading

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