Full Moon Blessings

full moonOn July 16th, this past Tuesday, there was a full moon. This July full moon is called the “BLESSING” moon. Alternatively, July’s full moon is called the “MEADOW” moon.

I have meadows in all of my WARRIOR books. This meadow, adjacent to a lovely pond, is featured in the home setting for Potters Woods in SPARRING PARTNERS.

meadowThis meadow, pond and many, many full moons were the setting of my childhood and early adulthood. I cannot think of this sacred space without feeling the joy of place; the budding of heart-stopping, earth-shattering romance – the kind you only let yourself feel once.

That meadow, that pond, the many full moons, shaped the woman I am today. A sentimental, soul-deep romantic. An elemental sensualist who enjoys being one with my environment. One who takes every full moon as a blessing to be danced under.

How could I not write about them?

I hope this week’s moon was visible to everyone – it will still be a spectacular sight throughout the weekend.thWherever you may be this week, wherever life circumstances and the moon find you, may you be blessed.


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