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Angel in Flight

On the way to Athens, Ga., that Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help question why Tabitha had to die so young. Death was no stranger to me. I’d seen it too many times before. I knew questioning God was wrong, but … Continue reading

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Celtic Celebration & Prayer

The third week of August marks the last few weeks of summer here in Wisconsin. It’s also four of the best days of the year for me. The World’s Largest Celtic Festival, Milwaukee Irish Fest, ran last Thursday through Sunday … Continue reading

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Doing something small for love

When asked her favourite story theme, a friend of mine always says that she wants to read about people who do great things for love. My answer is the opposite. I want to read about people who persistently do the … Continue reading

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Outlander Giveaway

Ever feel like you don’t belong? Like you just don’t fit in? Like you don’t even want to fit in? Ever been to a party where everyone else is having a great time and you’re not? And you’re not quite … Continue reading

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My First

Romance novel. hahahaha. I was about 12 or 13 when my mom bought me this romance novel. It was from Avon (the perfume company) and came with a tiny bottle of perfume to match the title. In this case, Lily … Continue reading

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Is marital bliss real?

Is marital bliss real?   Not really. But somehow some of us find a way to have strong happy marriages. That doesn’t they are perfect because whenever you live with someone, things just don’t always go perfectly. We’re all human. … Continue reading

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