Watch Me Write a Novel in a Week

I’m setting a lofty goal. I’m attempting to write a 50k word romantic comedy in six days. I’ll post my daily output here on my blog, and social media. I’ll set daily goals and write the outline for the next day every night before I go to bed.

My goal: to write 2k words in a 60 minute sprint.

Monday, 10-5

Tuesday, 9-4

Wednesday 9-5 (unless my husband takes the day off–it’s his birthday)

Thursday 9-5 (A group of friends and I are starting a podcast practice, and we talked of practicing on this day. Not sure if that’s still happening.)

Friday 11-3


Life will get in the way. I’m expecting it to do that, but even if it takes me two weeks, that’s still amazing. (As a matter of fact, shortly after I wrote this, I learned my 98 year old dad is in the hospital with pneumonia. He lives in Washington and I’m in California. Part of my wants to run up there. Another part argues I should stay put until he’s home. I’m currently involved in an internal debate, which is always bad for writing.)book in a week

My friend Greta Boris introduced me to what I’m calling the stone and sand method. It harkens back to an analogy on time management that I’m sure everyone is familiar with where you have a jar, large rocks, and sand. The large rocks are your priorities and the sand is the frivolous. If you put in the sand first, your rocks won’t fit in the jar, but if the rocks go in first, you can pour in the sand and because it can fill all the empty spaces, everything fits.

What does that have to do with writing a novel? You write the basic plot points first, then you go back and fill in the descriptions. That’s what you’ll be seeing. The first draft will be rough. Also, when I come to a brain-fart moment or I write a clunky sentence I don’t stop and try to fix it, I simply mark it with a @. By the end of the first draft, I typically have about 75 @s littered throughout the manuscript. I usually will need a day to clean them up before I attempt a rewrite.

I’ll also be posting visuals on Pinterest.

9 thoughts on “Watch Me Write a Novel in a Week

    • My dad is still in the hospital. And I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be, but do I have 45 pages done. I really regret posting this, but I’m not one to quit or to not do what I say I’ll do. This book is part of a group series that I thought was to be released in February. The deadline has since moved to May (I think, it’s sort of a moving target.) In any case, I have lots of time and I do enjoy my characters. I still would like to finish sooner rather than later, but there isn’t any need.

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  1. Kristy, well done for the 45 pages. Life happens. I always say I aim for the stars and if I hit the mountains, I’ve probably done better than if I aimed there in the first place.

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