I Love Fall. How about you?

Fall is finally here!

Except our days are still in the 90’s, but the evenings are cool and so refreshing. It is relaxing to sit on the deck and watch the squirrels scamper around and hide their food for upcoming winter.

The other day our community cat gave the squirrels a run for their money! Such is nature. Just so you know, all the squirrels were safe.

After a time, the cat stretched across the shaded grass and licked his paws. He was done. At least for the moment.



Fall has an energizing influence on me. I always wonder what’s around the next bend, so I’m anxious to get started. Place your coffee cup on one of the posts beside mine, button up your sweater, and jog down the lane with me. Breathe in crisp, cool air and enjoy a peaceful jog or a walk in the woods.

Perhaps we’ll run across a rock-laden stream to dip our toes into. I’m definitely reminded of The Smoky Mountains. One of my favorite places to unwind. One of my books is A Smoky Mountain Christmas, of course set in the Smokies.



Isn’t this Cornucopia beautiful? They make such delightful decorations. Which reminds me, it’s time for a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. Warm and spicy from the oven, and the entire house has an incredible aroma. Maybe I’ll bake one or the other today. Who knows?

Our Authors of Main Street latest anthology, tentatively entitled Christmas Cookies, is scheduled for release some time in October, 2019. We’ll post when the book releases.

My contribution for the set is CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS. – which is the fourth and last book in the APPLE LAKE series. 

I hope you enjoy Luke and Ellie’s journey!

Christmas Blessings (small)



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What are your favorite things to do through Fall?

I wish you Music, Butterflies and most of all Love. 

6 thoughts on “I Love Fall. How about you?

  1. I love Autumn, as we call it here in New Zealand. I love the relief after the heat of the summer. We can still get long warm days, but the nights are cool enough for a light blanket. Meanwhile, the garden is full of apples, the pumpkins are plumping up, and I’m bottling and drying fruit and vegetables like crazy to use in the winter and spring.

    It is now Spring in New Zealand. The daffodils are almost finished, and the first flush of blossom has turned into tiny fruit, smaller than my littlest finger nails. And in the paeony garden, the first of the plants has plump buds that will be open in time for Christmas.

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    • Spring and Autumn are the most wonderful of seasons even though each season has its own special qualities. But somehow the two in-between seasons with cool nights and warm days seem to fit our human desires, Their colors show off nature’s beautiful pallet. Spring is a time for birth and renewal and autumn is the harvest. I love both of them.

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    • You’re so blessed to have a garden. I used to garden, but find it hard to work the land these days. My mom used to dry lots of fruit for winter dishes. They were delicious. Nothing like growing your own fruits and veggies!.


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