New Year, New Me?

New year, new me. This phrase brings a lot of thoughts to mind, diets that last less than a month and gym memberships that collect dust after a few posts of newfound fitness. Each year I hear my friends take the pledge for “a better year.” What was so bad with the last one?

Some say that you should write down on a piece of paper every time something good happens and place it in a jar. At the end of the year you open the jar, read the notes, and remember the year. If I did this the poor jar would either get forgotten or lost by May. (I did manage to lose my Dad’s Christmas gift, and that was after less than a week of it being in my house.)

Another suggestion is to write down resolutions for the upcoming year and complete them. I probably would give up or push off this ‘to do’ list. The movie ‘New Years Eve’ comes to mind with this option. I think of Ingrid, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and her list that she hires Paul, a delivery boy played by Zac Efron, to help her complete on December 31st before the ball drops. The creative ways he helps her to check off her ‘impossible’ list is my favorite part of the movie.

So, what does one do for the New Year? I’m not sure about you but I’ve decided to work on being the best I can be. To live each day as it passes and just enjoy life. The best start of the year, for me, is to just be.

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