The End of a Decade…and the beginning of a new one

doorClosing the door on the 2010’s really was an exercise in ending one stage of life and entering another.

We lost both my parents, the last of our first three deerhounds, and started two new businesses – one of which is still growing, the other closed.

Our children are now adults. One an N.D. One entering the master’s program in Criminal Justice.

My husband and I are empty-nesters who still feed and house one child we see sometimes.

A knee – not mine – is scheduled to be replaced and I have more sparkle in my hair that I like (so far).2020

2020. It seemed so far away in 1990. Now, it’s here.I never imagined then I’d be doing what I’m doing now.

Old doors closing…….New ones opening.halo

May every door that closes create an even more beautiful one.

What door are you imagining walking through from now until 2030?

What does the next decade hold?

May it be filled with opportunity and growth.


6 thoughts on “The End of a Decade…and the beginning of a new one

  1. We are planning some major trips. We are looking toward 2023 for a trip to England. I’ve never been! I feel heading into the ’20s when I’ll be in my 60s is a time to decide what do I really want in life and what just doesn’t matter anymore.

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  2. Thanks Leigh!
    I am reconciling myself to sticking to a pomodoro system with writing and my other two businesses (which, incidentally, is working) and spending more quality time with my special ones. 🙂 And not feeling guilty about it, as getting things done when I SHOULD. 🙂
    big hugs,

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  3. Uh-oh on the knee!
    According to my fortune cookies, I should be living happily in the lap of luxury. 🙂
    But I tend not to look too far down the road. I prefer to sniff the flowers as I go rather than pining over what I want. To me, the journey is part of the fun and I have plans.

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  4. Retirement beckons, and my 70th birthday is going to arrive this year whether I like it or not. I figure I have about 30 years writing left in me, and when I look at what I’ve written since I started six years ago, I guess I’ll die with more than 100 books behind me. Which is good with me.

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