Looking Forward to 2020

back yard

I’m sitting here in my dining room in the aftermath of a snowstorm, realizing as I look out at the thick layer of snow outside that there’s something like 10 weeks until I’ll see grass again. It’s bleak. But that’s okay – instead of letting the weather get me down, I’m thinking about the things I’m looking forward to this year. Simple things, mostly; I don’t have any grand plans or life-changing goals.

Writing: I’ve plotted out a Christmas story that I might be able to get done for the fall if I can find the time to do it.

Editing: It’s work, but I enjoy it. I’m lucky because the authors I work with are awesome, and I look forward to working on the new stories they come up with.

My dad’s 80th birthday: Don’t tell him, but I’m already working on my speech for his party in March. I hate giving speeches, but I love my dad to bits, and he deserves to be celebrated.

My fave TV shows returning: Outlander, Stranger Things, Killing Eve, The Crown, Dead to Me… After reading all day in my day job and then doing freelance work in the evening, I love to lose myself in the next chapters of these stories I’ve been following – especially if I’ve had a bad day and I need to just veg out.

Summer vacation: It’s not Disney World, but we might take the kids to Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto this year. I think they’ll go crazy for the rides and the water park. I always enjoy creating special memories for my girls, and we don’t have to go far away or spend a ton of money to do that.

What simple things are you looking forward to in 2020?


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2020

  1. I’m looking forward to selling the house and retiring. Not simple things, perhaps, but simply the foundation for all the other simple things I love. As for simple things I’m already doing, I have a regular Mother and Daughters date booked once a month with the two daughters who live within easy travelling distance, and another date booked to have grandchildren once a month. I love time watching movies with the son. I wake up every morning next to my best friend and my lover (one person; just saying).


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