Ready For Hawaii

I’m ready for Hawaii!

It’s been too many years since I made a trip to Hawaii. My first trip was with four other ladies, aged twenty-three to eighty-two. We ate many delightful meals and had a great time as sightseers.


But a few years later, when I traveled with family – that – was the trip of a lifetime. We did most everything that was on our itinerary. From early morning to late night, we were on a mission to see as much of the Islands as we could. And we did. Absolutely breathtaking, and quite an experience.


As much as I love the snow, a trip to beautiful Hawaii sure would perk up my mood. Warm sand beneath my toes, enjoying a gentle breeze sweeping over my skin, while I soak in the heat of the sun.


A luau is a must if you ever visit Hawaii. Definitely a must. We experienced the kindness of the people and wonderful food presented, while we participated in one of their traditions. They’re such fun. The dancers were amazing as they put on a fabulous show. Yes, I’m so ready to return to the Islands.

On another note, Christmas Cookies on Main Street our latest seven author book set is available at Amazon. The entire set is only .99 or Free through KU. As a bonus, each story is followed with a sweet recipe!

My story – Christmas BlessingsApple Lake series Book 4 – is included in Christmas Cookies on Main Street. Christmas Blessings will be out shortly as a single read.

Christmas Blessings (small)

Look for another Small Town Romance coming soon!

Loving Lexi was originally written for a five book bundle four years ago. I’ve spent a great deal of time, the past few months, rewriting the entire book to reflect new characters, new setting and storyline. It’s been quite a work in progress…but a work of love. The book will be a stand alone novel. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Small jpg Loving Lexi

Loving Lexi

Journalist Lexi Warner detests dragging someone’s name through the mud. However, due to her dwindling funds, she accepts an assignment in South Carolina to interview Tate Hunter, who was the best sportscaster in Miami, Florida, that WCJD had ever hired.

Big hearted Tate Hunter rose above a bumpy upbringing became #1 sportscaster in Miami. Primed for a #1 TV station, his life falls apart after he’s accused of his wife’s death.

Found not guilty, Tate burns all bridges and relocates to Hideaway Harbor, South Carolina to begin a new life.

Lexi withholds her reason for being in the town of Hideaway Harbor from Tate. They begin to form a relationship until a mishap informs Tate who Lexi is, and worse, why she’s in town.

May your 2020 be filled with good health and lots of love.

Until next time…I wish you Music, Butterflies 087d7f0069385dd543178c4c2fca3430--blue-butterfly-butterfly-wingsand most of all…I wish you Love

6 thoughts on “Ready For Hawaii

  1. I could stand some Hawaiian weather! Such an amazingly beautiful place. I remember the first time I ate poi. Wallpaper paste! Then someone said I needed to taste the good stuff. OMG! They were right. Poi is delicious.

    I learned to surf in Hawaii. I was so bad I didn’t think I’d ever learn to ride the waves. But I did. Surfing teaches you that you have no control. You just get lucky. The wave is everything and we learn to ride it the best that we can. Water always wins!

    I love Lexi. Great stories!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Poi we had in Hawaii was nasty. Nasty. Haven’t tried it again. I’ve always wanted to surf, but never did. Thanks, I hope you enjoy the rest of Lexi’s story. Working in three stories and have taxes to do. I hope to get Loving Lexi out soon!


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