Cynical Romance

Being a romantic in today’s world can be difficult, with several claiming that ‘romance is dead’ and others waiting for ‘Prince Charming’ to save them from something or another. As a romantic, I can understand both sides even though I disagree. Prince Charming isn’t on his way, and there’s no reason you can’t save yourself.

Also, it’s not that romance is dead, it’s just that people have a formed opinion on what qualifies as romantic. Long walks on a beach, midnight picnics, flowers, poetry, champagne with strawberries, the list goes on.

Most beaches are hot, crowded, and the sand gets everywhere. Midnight picnics include a lovely swarm of insects (most of which bite.) Flowers are pretty but wilt or can cause allergic reactions if you don’t check before buying them. Not many people are decent poets and others choose a cut and paste poem found online. As for champagne, does anyone actually like champagne?

A part of me blames books and movies for the perceived romanticism in these acts. I myself have fantasized partaking in all of them as well as a few others. My all-time favorite is standing in the rain as you share your first kiss. (Oh, this swoon worthy scene shall eventually appear in a future book.)

Before you misunderstand and think I’m hating on romance, I’m not. I LOVE romance but I prefer unorthodox examples.

A few years ago, I went on a date where we checked into a nice hotel. He ordered champagne and strawberries for the room and after having a small glass we sat down at a fancy restaurant where the menu had no prices (I’m sure I don’t need to explain why that’s important.) We had a lovely time, the meal was three courses and we shared a bottle of wine.

During another date, we got takeout and just sat together talking for hours. Can you guess which date makes me smile more?

Romance is what you make it. As children (ages 7 and 10), me and my sister decided that the Tramp had it right. The most romantic date was sharing a large plate of spaghetti and drinking milk from wine glasses. When my sister was in highschool, her boyfriend took her to dinner where they got spaghetti with milk. They are now married for over ten years with four boys. Was it the spaghetti? Probably not, but that attention to detail is romantic in itself.

The point of this blog is to tell you to look at what you have. On the surface it might not appear perfect or romantic but if you look deeper you might find that what you have is better than what you wished for.

3 thoughts on “Cynical Romance

  1. My favorite anniversary memory is the year I was doing a Scout day camp with my son. I came home hot and sweaty and on the edge of a migraine. I walk in to my husband all dressed up, dinner on the table with wine, and a bouquet of sterling roses. It didn’t matter that I was sweaty and dirty from the day. I washed my face and hands and we had a wonderful dinner.

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