Travel Concerns and the Coronavirus

Anyone else considering postponing travel plans? We have flights booked to Spain and Greece in early May and we’re wondering if we’re safer staying home. In April, my daughter is graduating from Brigham Young University. Will they still hold commencement? In Washington State, where much of my family lives, gatherings of more than 50 people are discouraged, so this seems a reasonable question. My daughter is planning on a Study Abroad program in Israel April through August–will that be canceled?

I’m a planner. I don’t like having my plans rearranged once they’re on my calendar. But in this climate, it seems like the safest way to travel is arm-chair traveling. I love a good destination romance. Growing up, I loved Mary Stewart’s novels. They are a charming blend of mystery and romance and were often set in a far-away country. Today, I love books by Marc Levy and Jules Wake.

How about you? Are you an armchair traveler? Would you like a trip to Ireland?

Irish Wishes

Gillian thinks she’s happy – she has a safe, reliable job working at her local library, good friends, and a sweet gig as the choir accompanist for her church. But her orderly life is turned upside down on her 25th birthday when she inherits the contents of a safety deposit box that will send her on a trip to Ireland.
Workaholic Pete has always done his billionaire-father’s bidding, so when his dad sends him to Ireland to fetch his little stepsister, he can’t refuse.
But billionaire JW has a few tricks up his sleeve and the journey he’s planned takes Gillian and Pete on a trip they’ll never forget. Castles, boating on the River Liffey, the haunted ruins of the Hellfire Club, and the breathtaking beauty of the Irish countryside—this is one journey that has more twists and turns than either of them could ever have imagined…

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3 thoughts on “Travel Concerns and the Coronavirus

  1. I just read that Greece and Spain both have some travel bans. We have no idea what changes will occur going forward to May will bring. I feel for you. Take care.


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