How Are You Doing?

As I write this, there are five confirmed cases of COIVD-19 in Ottawa, where I live. The city has pretty much shut down. March Break begins today for school kids, but museums, libraries, pools, camps, etc., are closed. Schools will be closed for an additional two weeks (at least). The worst part of all this, at the moment, is that people are hoarding food and household essentials like it’s the apocalypse. Some grocery store shelves are bare. Toilet paper is scarce. Lineups are insane. I’m sure it’s a similar story wherever you live.

It’s disheartening to realize how selfish people can be in a crisis. Instead of looking out for those who are most vulnerable, we grab what we can for ourselves. There’s a special place in hell for those who bought up mass quantities of hand sanitizer to resell them to desperate people at four times the price, and people who are stealing face masks from hospitals, where they are most needed.

We will get through this. We have to stick together (but not too close), follow the recommendations of health authorities, and ride this out as best we can. Check in on your elderly neighbours to make sure they are okay. With any luck, in a few weeks, things will start to go back to normal.

4 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?

  1. I agree. Physical distance, but not social distance. I am disheartened by the selfishness, yes. The Pope at his Mass for Betrayal Wednesday (the Wednesday of Holy Week, when the reading is about Judas selling Jesus to the Council) pointed out that the choice of money over people is happening all the time. Small Judases all around us.

    But also small and great acts of kindness and sacrifice. I am grateful for all those who are continuing to be loving and caring.


    • At the time I wrote this post, I thought it would be over in a few weeks! Looks like it will be months before things start to return to normal.


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