Collection of drabbles

I decided to take a step back and share a few poems and a little short to help us get our minds off things.

The Stars

We hold the Stars within our hand
deep inside, like a lover’s command
No one knows the battles they fight
to keep us on a path that’s true and right
Shining brightly within our hand
each as tiny as a grain of sand
Cup your hands, cup them tight
and hold within the true darkness of Night
For within each Star there comes a passing
of all our wishes ever lasting


We balance upon a blade , never knowing what choice should be made
Be wary and follow your heart, together we are strong and weak when apart
Balance is the key, two “sisters” locked eternally
Without one there can’t be no other, as close as a brother
One is dark the other light, even close they always fight
So close your eyes and comprehend, no one may loose so no one can win.

Paper World

In this book I hold inside wonders from different worlds and time.
Just a peak, just a glimpse, and you will see dancing nymphs.
Hobgoblins, ghosts and ghouls, moons that are being howled at by wolves.
With each page I turn and flip I take the most wondrous trip.
So open your mind, shut out the noise and enter this world with me girls and boys.


It’s always there, a sweet taste upon my tongue. This yearning for more even though I know the cloying taste will curse me. Still I reach out for you, touching my fingertips across your skin.
All I can manage is the ghost of a caress as we circle each other, this never ending spiral having no other outcome but destruction if we get any closer.
In my dreams we touch, we kiss. Your skin against mine is more than I can take and I wake in a fevered pitch as my body cries in silent agony.
Why you, I have wondered. I have asked. Still the answer is unknown to me, yet I seek out this folly of a love. This growing obsession to have you. Twice I have forced my hand back to my side. And thrice I have almost swayed.
Do you not notice my stares? My bitter acceptance?
If I were to kiss you would it be the truth of Legends and the meaning of life intertwined? Or would the world shatter to reveal a darkness I have never known as I plunged into the madness below?

From a Whisper to a Scream

As I sat there pondering the world, I realized I wanted to make a change. I wanted to make everything better. And yet, no matter how loud I was, all that came out was the smallest whisper. So I whispered and whispered until I was hoarse and then, as if by a miracle, another whisper joined in. then another and another, until our whispers became a voice, and even louder we became as our voice turned into a shout. And the shout rose into a scream that covered the world. A scream of whispers started by one.

Thank you for reading and have as good of a day as possible.

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