Brighten Your Day

Look. I know. It’s been extremely rough within the past few weeks, especially for those of us who are quarantined and or sheltered-in-place.


That should be everyone by now, or at the very least, most of us. Also, if you must leave your home, social distancing matters and is working to help keep us from being so vulnerable to the virus.

Turmoil, in the span of many days, turned our lives upside down. Better days are ahead of us. I believe that.

I hope all of you are doing well, and making the best of conditions living this different way for a short time. It isn’t something any of us wanted or ever dreamed would happen.

Remaining healthy must be our priority, and when…when…we get back to normal, that will be a blessing.

The stakes are high, so keeping your hands clean, and social distancing makes sense.

Still looking for something to fill your days? Pull out one of those dusty cookbooks, maybe it’s your mom’s or Grandma’s handwritten recipes.

Bake cookies. Bake several loaves of bread. Try a new recipe. Bring your children, and or, your husband into the kitchen with you. Have fun.

Interact with your children. So many of you are homeschooling and I applaud you for that! Now is an important time to spend quality time with your loved ones…in your home, that is.

Reading is a proven way to relieve stress. If you love to read, online bookstores are a lifesaver! Without leaving home you can fill your reader with ebooks or order print books, whichever you prefer.

As my gift to you, Christmas Blessing (Book 4) is NOW FREE until March 28, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific time.

Please download FREE from Amazon and enjoy.

Christmas Blessings (small)

My heart and thoughts are with you and I certainly share your concerns. I pray this reading finds you and yours well.

Tell someone you love them.

By working together, and with God’s grace, we will rise above this tragedy.

Wash your hands. Stay safe and stay healthy.

May God keep you all.

Until next time…I wish you Music, Butterflies 087d7f0069385dd543178c4c2fca3430--blue-butterfly-butterfly-wings and most of all…I wish you Love


3 thoughts on “Brighten Your Day

  1. Carol, hope you are staying safe and feeling well. We are baking quite a lot here. Would be more if I actually had flour. None to be had in the stores. Maybe this week. (fingers crossed) We are only leaving home to go to the grocery store. This too shall pass.

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    • We’re good, Jill. I’ve only been to the grocery store and Post Office.
      Happy to hear both of you are too! Amazon has some flour. Some of the prices are astronomical! I hope your stores have flour in soon.
      I have five lbs. all-purpose and about three lbs. of self-rising. I only have flour because I couldn’t remember how much I had left when I shopped before all this started. I have a running grocery list, but ignored when it came to flour. Ha!
      I have several types of bread in the freezer, which has been a life-saver. Hope it lasts if the stores are out of stock.
      Take care.


  2. Stay safe, and keep well. And yes, baking has occurred in the Knight household. Also sewing, gardening, reading and movie watching. I cannot speak as to the perpetrators.

    We are trying to be kind to ourselves. I am an extreme introvert, and coping well with seeing no one but my dearly beloved. He’s not finding it quite as easy, but phone calls and chatting over the fence to neighbours (from a distance) is helping. Physical distance doesn’t have to mean social isolation.


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