Summer Magic

2016-06-12 18.12.37-1Summer is a magical time in Wisconsin. There are festivals in Milwaukee, many at the lakefront, and plenty to enjoy outdoors.

2015-09-05 16.23.36

Not to mention the Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Festivals that dot the summer weekends with camaraderie and Highland joy.


Then there are the gardens…..

I tend to stress over work, over writing, over political platforms and whether those in need will be cared for, my children and their wellbeing…damn, there’s always something worth stressing about along with plenty that isn’t worth the worry.


When I stress, I garden. I love time in the garden. I love sipping coffee in the morning and tea at night (or single malt) among the blooms.

What helps you celebrate the season? How do you decompress and de-stress?

I’d love to hear from you – I’m always looking for ideas.



Defy Not The Heart: A Recipe for Life

I erased the first line of this blog three times before settling on this one. Not much of a first line, you might say, and that would be true if it weren’t a commentary on who I am and why I love writing romance. I read my first romance: DEFY NOT THE HEART by Johanna Lindsey in the summer after my first year of law school. My husband and I were heading out to the Rockies to camp and get away. It was the only novel in the gas station I hadn’t read that wasn’t about how to save my soul.(Which arguably I could have used.) We got stuck in a dust storm in Nebraska and had to stay in the back of the pick-up for the night. I finished that book by flashlight.

That was twenty-three years ago. I never looked back. Devouring romance kept me sane through law school and during the twenty-one years of practice that have followed.

After my first week practicing law, I joined a karate school because I wanted a way to exercise my mind, body and spirit that had the added benefit of allowing me to punch and kick without being arrested. I think it’s fair to say that advocacy, romance and Okinawan Shorin Rhu keep me balanced and whole.

In January I left the full-time practice of law. At that point I’d published SPARRING PARTNERS Book 1 of the Dojo Chronicles and SECOND CHANCES. I also had a major portion of FIGHTING FATE Book 2 of the Dojo Chronicles completed (available June 2012).

All of my stories feature strong heroines who are at a point of transition in their lives, whether by choice or circumstance or both, they are really in the soup of uncertainty. I love writing about the flawed yet heroic ways they get themselves out. My heroes help or hinder my heroines on their journey, most of the time as in real life, they do both. I love funny, poingnant and steamy romance, so that’s what I write.

This is a wonderful time to be a reader. There are so many wonderfully written books out there to enjoy and so many magical places to visit within them. It’s also a perfect time to be a writer. The marketplace is exploding, demand is more accessible to those of us with product, and cost is low, especially for indie books. With great products, low consumer cost and wide distribution outlets the world just became a more magical place for all of us who love to read and write romance.

I’m happy to be here and I can’t wait to share this writing, reading, and living journey with all of you. This is a great group of authors. I hope in the posts to come we will all entertain, inform and add a little magic to Main Street.

Peace and Happy Spring,

Leigh Morgan