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Gramma’s Dandelion Wine

If you’re foolish enough to hang around with me for any length of time you won’t escape hearing about my grandmother. Her name was Alice Jane Rowland Boudiette and I spent most weekdays with her until she died when I … Continue reading

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The I-Can and I-Will Path

Mona’s excellent post “Competitiveness” got me thinking about the crucial question she asks at the end. “Is it impossible to be successful AND happy?” I commented on that question at some length. Sorry. I natter on sometimes especially on the … Continue reading

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What Most Folks Don’t Know About Me

I’m going to follow  Gina Ardito’s good example and introduce myself. I’ve spent much of the past thirty years being fairly visible in the writing world. I loved it while I did it. Traveling to conferences and writers’gatherings. Giving talks … Continue reading

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Two New Authors on Main Street

We are thrilled to announce  Alice Orr and Gina Ardito are our newest Authors of Main Street. With so many wonderful applicants it was very difficult to vote. Alice Orr, author the Riverton Road Series, comes to us with many … Continue reading

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