The Long Trails Box Set is Finally OUT!

Hello! I hope your spring is coming in beautifully in the northern hemisphere and that those of you in the southern one have battened down the hatches! I’ve been busy doing just that down here in NZ, while preparing an equine vet dentistry course for next week, reloading all of my books with improved blurbs (have just finished reissuing them with new covers!) and soon to be starting to put them all out as AUDIOBOOKS! Equipment’s waiting!  And then to finish Tatiana I! And a vet book for horse owners. And the Scottish Highlands story… (I’d best stop before I get a heart attack…).

New Covers

I don’t think I’ve shown you all my new covers!  You can check them out on my website here but here they are in short form:

Lizzi Tremayne Sampler


So on to even more exciting things: as usual, Matt’s right again… my upcoming book Tatiana was meant to be a novel. Nothing too long, just a novel. He just laughed. And laughed.

“More like War and Peace, it’ll be,” he said, when he could breathe again.

“No, it won’t,” I muttered.

Well, he pegged it…  but it’ll be four volumes, not one.

So you see why it’s taking me so long?

And it’ll be its own series, too. Big sigh. 

Anyway, back to something that’s finished already: looking for some spring/summer time reading? Seek no more!

The Long Trails Box Set!

Binge reading time?

Can an orphan, with only her Mustang and a Cossack sword, survive alone on the frontier?

From the deserts of Utah, through the gold mines of California, to the turbulent wilderness of New Zealand, Aleksandra rides, loves, and fights—with only her Cossack skills to keep her alive.

** From multiple award winning author Lizzi Tremayne **

The Long Trails Box Set, comprising three full novels–over 1400 pages of historical fiction set in 1860s Utah, Nevada (which was still Utah Territory at the time of the stories), California, and Colonial New Zealand,  I hope you love it! And before you ask if it’ll be out in paper, sorry, no, it won’t.  Amazon won’t print more than just over 800 pages in each book and if I start splitting books in the middle, you might as well buy one of each! 🙂

The biggest complaint I’ve had is that people didn’t have the next book to hand… but this way, the first three books in The Long Trails series will be at your fingertips!

You can find it here!

Take good care all, and enjoy!

Let me know how you like it!  And as always, reviews are SO welcome.


Lizzi Tremayne

New Series Breakdown and AUDIOBOOKS for Lizzi Tremayne!

Sometimes it seems a bit crazy, even living near only a small town, but I still seem to be able to avoid having to leave my farm.. for an awfully long time. Like… no more often than absolutely necessary. Being a writer, of course, lets me get away with this. Being a veterinarian—or an equine veterinarian, anyway—I do still have to leave my place once in awhile.

My current little town is called Waihi, in New Zealand, although I was raised in La Honda, California, which was a much smaller town than this one. My home town has all the benefits of a small town, while being near the big smoke of San Francisco and the SF Bay Area, as well as the beach, near my old High School, Pescadero High. It also had plenty of mountains in which to ride and get lost.

But I digress from where I was trying to go. As an indie (an independently published author), you might suspect there are there is a little more to do than just write. This week, for example, I’ve been working on new covers for my Once Upon a Vet School brand, the novellas of which, so far, have been written for my Authors of Main Street boxed sets. Going are the red covers and coming are the rural and small-town style ones. I’ll give you a sneak peek at one of the drafts… going to move the title to the top, but here’s a peek~


No one else’s seen it!

Please comment and let me know how you like the change!


Once Upon a Vet School Changes

I’ve been shuffling the Once Upon a Vet School series into six different genre-and age-appropriate novella sequences.

The Once Upon a Vet School Series

Drama and humor abound as Lena pursues her childhood dream of becoming an equine vet—and beyond—in this unique series of six, independent novella sequences:


They are…


~Junior Years~

After Lena hears she needs good grades to become a veterinarian, things start to get tricky. Even her pony doesn’t get out unscathed. (Middle Grade) 1972-1976


~High School Days ~

When your high school counsellor says vet school’s too hard for you and your HS sweetheart offers you a dream life of farming, writing, and babies, what do you do? Is vet school really the be-all, end-all? (Young Adult) 1976-1979


~College Nights

How can you have a life when you need an A in every class for four years to get into vet school… on top of 800 hours vet practice work? Something’s got to give. (Young Adult and up) 1980-1984


~Vet School 24/7~

Now they’re in, the pressure for grades is off and vet school social life is upon them… there’s only the tsunami of 200 years of veterinary knowledge to pack into their heads. Can Lena and her friends stay afloat? (Young Adult and up) 1984-1988


~Practice Time~

Finally graduated, prima ballerinas of the university, Lena and her vet school classmates disperse to far-flung practices… and real life. What could possibly go wrong? Late nights on-call, mud, blood, and finally, a light at the end of the tunnel… unfortunately, it’s only the penlight of a dictatorial vet technician in Lena’s eyes after she passed out on the floor. (Women’s Rural Fiction with Romantic Elements) 1988-2012


~Long in the Tooth~

When Lena suffers another catastrophic back injury, what’s she to do to feed her family and keep the farm? She can’t breathe around cats or birds and what good’s an equine vet who can’t hold up a horse’s leg? Time for Lena to go back to school. Again. (Women’s Rural Fiction with Romantic Elements)  2012- now


You’ll see their new covers very soon. I’ll post them on my website at as soon as they’re ready!
My next most exciting, or rather terrifying, news is that I’ve begun the process of creating my own audiobooks!



We’ve acquired the necessary equipment and it’s time for me to create my own character audio profiles and mark up my text. Very, very exciting.
Well, I best be off doing it, but it’s a frost outside and my bed is so very warm!
I hope you’re enjoying whichever season you have at hand and can find a nice warm place to snuggle up and read!
Let me know, would you prefer to read an e-book, a paperback book, a hardcover book, or listen to an audiobook? Are there times you would prefer an audiobook? I’m interested to know. I’ve found audiobooks to be indispensable when I’m driving long distances on my own, or even over the speakers with others in the car. They seems to help the miles just melt away. I understand from my city friends that it also makes traffic disappear as well!

Take care, remember to leave your comments!




Author Life: It’s Not Always Roses, but I Wouldn’t Change It!

Author life… well hmmm…

Just so you know, writers don’t always laze around all day, curled up with their keyboard in a pristine, cozy house…

I think for most of us it’s a juggle between our “other lives” and stolen time to write.

Some of us live on farms and work as well, and have children or grandchildren and older parents, too…  as well as partners!

A case in point is yesterday…

I live on what’s called a “lifestyle block” in New Zealand.  That means I have a TINY farm of 6 acres which costs me a lot of money, but I love it. There are now only about ten percent of the animals that were here when my boys were small, evidenced by the plethora of beloved animals I found when I had to go looking in old photos yesterday to try to find where the water lines ran… those which might have been exposed before we poured the concrete… but I digress…

I awoke early to get my entry for Once Upon a Vet School #10: Greener Pastures Calling in to the Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Award for Writing Excellence (the NZ/Aus equivalent of the RWA RITA Award). I actually won the Koru Best First Novel and third best long novel with my first story, A Long Trail Rolling (which is actually free right now if you’re on Booksweeps’ mailing list! See details below!) I hope you love the new cover as much as I do!

I spent the rest of the morning preparing my other entry, Once Upon a Vet School #6: Fifty Miles at a Breath, then raced outside…

It was a scorcher. (that means it’s hot, about 30 degrees C here today) Now to disconnect the house/farm water pump that I’d been fighting with for days (it runs for 15 seconds, stops for 38, then repeats.  No wonder our power bill gave me a heart attack last month)  I managed to get the alkathene fittings off, lugged the beast to the Landcruiser and off to town we went to drop it off for instant check-over in Paeroa, picked up half of a beast (White-Face was her name and she was 16 years old) along with my son, mail a packet of books to a library wholesaler (while worrying about the frozen meat… I don’t have air con in the cruiser. (She’s an old—600,000 km—farm model with no electric anything outside the engine and lights, so getting that meat home was kinda imperative), pick up my grandbaby from daycare, pick up the pump (which WAS working, YEAH!), and get home to put the now-asleep baby to bed.

It was probably because I had all the frozen meat to unpack and repack into the freezers that little Odin woke up as soon as I unclicked his carseat buckle…

Thoughts of the defrosting hundred kilos of meat in the car dancing in my head, I fed and changed the wee mite, giving thanks he was now 17 mos old and despite having to watch he didn’t wander the ¼ mile to the road or go play with the horse or cow, it was easier to unload all those big bags of meat with him happy and mobile.

When you look at it in the photo it doesn’t look like much… but it took this author and vet about 5 hours to get it right… did I mention the broken T-junction? or the end I broke off in the valve?  Some people just shouldn’t be allowed a pipe wrench, much less two…

So, Odin helped me (I’m using that term loosely—I had to keep retrieving my big spanners and pipe wrenches) put the system back together. The question now became (as the pump wasn’t the problem), WHERE on the farm the leak could possibly be…

We don’t have a hard pan on this place. It’s a riverbottom. Near the bush.  Which means we have lovely free draining soil that doesn’t hold water. Great in a place that rains over 140 inches a year. Not so great when you’re trying to find a leak. And tomos. Ever heard of a tomo? They’re underground waterways that pop up where they feel like in places like this… anything from an underground tiny stream to river.  Big enough to lose big animals and tractors into. Certainly big enough to let water from a leak flow away to parts unknown… without leaving a trace above.  Not ideal.

Working on pipes to make farm systems work is not much fun, but it’s like maths… you know when you got it right, anyway… for the time being.

So, back to it. The pump works. Tick.

Back to the drawing board for me…

Three lines (maybe more??? Oh no!) heading out for the farm and house.

I stared, twisting my lips, at the three inline valves I bought months ago but couldn’t bring myself to try to put them into the alkathene (a sort of a black hard rubber-plastic hosing) lines a foot and a half down in a ditch between the brick of the house and the BIG rocks I cemented into place to make the garden next to the footpath of exposed aggregate concrete. Not ideal when my two bad lumber discs go bad when I’m bending forward… which unfortunately was essential to the task… :/

Before that came “THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY”…  (obviously, but still significant) when I spent the whole day digging trenches AROUND the water pump to try just where those pipes went… culminated in having to find the old pictures from long ago to see if any of them gave a hint as to where those  pipes actually WENT.

It was fun going over the pics from 2000/2001/2002/2003. (Well damn. I just finally figured out how to get photos from iCloud onto FB, anyway!) Some very cute kids… and lots of animals who were such an important part of our lives… Strawberry, Montoya, Bailey, Maya (still here, 17 now), Tango, Fred as a kitten (who’s also still here, but very old), Charlotte, and some people who are no longer on this earth, plus many who are.

Unfortunately, the culmination of this exercise was to discover the pipes ran straight down beneath the middle of the lovely exposed aggregate concrete my boys and I poured ten years ago… not ideal.

SO, about putting in those valves… I had never broken an alkathene fitting before… but then I didn’t have (or couldn’t find) a pipe wrench.  Did you know they’re breakable? Yep. Two. I backed off after that. By then Odin was hungry and tired. He no longer wanted to run around and it was getting dark. So we went inside and fed him. No bath, lucky little man, as no water, but after no nap, it didn’t take too very long to get him to go to sleep.

Now to finish my pipes!

IT ALL WORKED!  The leak is still OUT THERE, but I now know it’s not 1-coming from the house (which had been a concern) and 2-not around the part of the farm where there was a lot of old blackberry to get through and find my old veggie garden). That leaves the main lines… I think I have an idea it’s where we recently buried a line… but it will take the ex-hubby’s tractor or a digger to get there.  SO, can’t do anything about it today. A good thing. Then I can get more editing done.


Oh yes.  And then I have a mobile equine veterinary practice too. Thank god there were no emergencies.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of my day! Back to writing… after get the little man up!

scene breakA Long Trail Rolling has a new cover!

I loved my old covers (they were my babies, after all, my photos and I did the covers) but they didn’t say Historical Fiction at ALL!  So I worked with the lovely Jessica Cale to create the new works of art!  She’s working on the others, too!

I hope you love this one!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

scene break

Booksweeps Author Highlight!

If you’re a reader member and you’ve missed the Author Email Spotlight email on the 27th or if you haven’t joined Booksweeps yet,  just join and find it on this page! 

Just remember, for all Indie Authors, reviews are ALWAYS welcome, especially on Bookbub (The Best!), Amazon, and Goodreads!}

scene break

I’d best stop and go search for water leaks and finish edits on the next one!

Have a wonderful day!

Stay out of the trenches!



South Island, Here We Come!


I hope you all had a wonderful end-of-year! My family and I sure have!

Following a week of research in an SCA medieval reenactment camp near Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, my (also-author) partner and I hired a mini camper-van and traveled the South Island giving author talks, selling books, and promoting my upcoming novels: Tatiana I and Somewhere Called Home!

We left Christchurch and headed into the High Country… to look for Edoras, the stronghold of Rohan… it was awesome. Good little climb.

We also looked for Clydesdales and scenery up above Ashburton… found a lovely lake by which to camp! Morning Scenery…

We began by traveling to Dunedin, where we visited our son at the University of Otago. It was a great time. We went to a special place, researching, and then on to Gore—and the Gore District Library, the first library visit of our tour.

The enthusiastic readers and librarians were wonderful! Thank you so much to reader Sally, who instigated our visit there, and to librarians Penelope and Lorraine! We camped the next night in a freedom-camping site, then we went on to Arrowtown for its historic gold mining and historical Chinese miners village (more book research), before heading on to Lake Wanaka. That night, we camped near Albert Town beside the Clutha River, then in the morning, returned to Lake Wanaka for a swim at a magical spot recommended by our son. 


Westland District-Hokitika Library was our next stop, where we spoke with a large crowd of readers, some of whom were nearly moved to tears by some of the talk’s topics — mostly about some of the Māori history and their own personal family connections raised in discussing The Hills of Gold Unchanging. A few tears truly began with my very first reading of the dramatic beginning (i.e., I’d written it in the van on the drive from Wanaka) from a new story I’ve just begun from the Once Upon a Vet School series. It will be the first book in this age-relative set of tales of Lena, a gutsy equestrian who dreamed of becoming a vet—her life on the way and beyond. Book One is being written for 8 to 10-year-olds. You may have read some of Lena’s later stories in the Authors of Main Street box sets! Thanks so much to Head Librarian Natasha for all your help! After a truly exquisite dinner at The Kitchen Hokitika, we drove that night onto Westport, where Head Librarian Emma’s lovely mother Chris put us up at her Westport Spa Motel. Emma blushed as she told us how wonderful it is that her mother is supportive of her and her Buller District: Westport library. Library volunteer Sue Walsh (you stalwart!) was fantastic too! A lovely group of readers attended and as at our other talks, so many joined my VIP Readers Club. You can join too, on my website here!

We drove back toward Christchurch via Reefton, where discovered Alison Hale’s Hale Gallery, an exquisite equestrian and NZ rural artist!  Her work is truly wonderful. I hope you can stop and see her when you’re by that way! And her STORIES!

We stayed overnight at Arthur’s Pass and met some cool German tourists, then had a wonderful, if challenging, hike in the morning. We drove on to Christchurch and finished our wonderful trip with an out of this world Phil Collins concert (complete with his 17 year old son on drums, after dinner with the fantastic family of our friend and fellow author Rebekah.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tidbit of our life. Read more about my writing here. Be sure to sign up for my VIP Club to hear about new releases, free goodies, and all the good stuff!


Lizzi Tremayne: unpretentious, eminently readable Contemporary and Historical Fiction… by a horse vet!


‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving…. and Lizzi was on a Plane!

Hello all,

Hope you’re slowly easing back into the work week this week and not forgetting too soon to take some time to relax and remember that life is short… Enjoy it!

I’ve truly enjoyed my time off this year after a frenetic Oct-Dec with two trips to the USA, trade shows, visiting far flung family and unofficial family!

A giggle for you!

Here’s a little snippet of one of the mere trips over.


Wow. If that wasn’t a marathon (If peaceful) trip, I don’t know what is. 
Left Auckland, NZ at about 0100 yesterday. Three (late) Hawaiian air flights (pleasant flights, nice neighbours, and more sleep than I’ve had in the past few months… enforced relaxation) then discovered (as Hawaiian Air flight 1 was late, didn’t have time to get SIM card at Honolulu, decided to pick one up At airport on Maui. LOL. Only to be told in three shops there that they’re only avail at Honolulu airport. Lol. So, maybe at SFO? But no And when we all finally found where Hawaiian air baggage claim was (no small feat), I hear my name being called. Lol. Thinking “Oh good! My two oversized bags are ready!” 

Well, no.

One of the monster 70 lb bags… with everything but the Equi-Still Stocks Mini-Bar and the books I carried from NZ.


mini bar

(Don’t ask….Amazon’s been having changes and the books wouldn’t be in CA before the book signing at Chapman’s Bookery & More in Ferndale on Saturday…

travelDamn, books weigh a lot) is still on Maui. Hawaii. TSA was inspecting it and it missed its flight. The nice lady at the Hawaiian Air desk never batted an eye when I told her the delivery address was in EUREKA, CA. And yes, she knew where it was. Good thing I’d had a lot of sleep. Still smiling. Lol. Then the nice Bruno from Turo seemed to have double booked his Prius… but hadn’t let me know. By now, it’s nearly midnight in the USA ( about 9 or 10 pm NZ time), so all good. By the time we’d argued with the rental car desk and been charged twice, the first time wrongly, and documented all the dings and scratches in my shiny new vehicle, I drove out of SFO at 0145. Nice car. Toyota Corolla.

Image result for toyota corolla redStill no SIM card but luckily had downloaded maps. LOL. 
Good thing I could find Eureka. Lovely drive, albeit a bit wet, but California needs it. I even got to walk, well, skate, on water once, but thankfully there was no one about on the road. I wouldn’t have been the first to go for a hydroplane, by the shrapnel and bits of car on the centre divider near it. Bummer about the fool who didn’t look before trying to change lanes into me. Helped me discover the brakes and horn work well!

All in all, a very empty road for about five hours. Only achievable on the night before Thanksgiving in the wee and not so wee hours. Finding Mum’s house without a map wasn’t ideal. Lovely people at an early-open petrol station made it easy. After they got to work, that is, LOL.

I was then completely wired from my 0300 a.m. coffee, (and this from someone who doesn’t DRINK coffee unless absolutely necessary, and then only in a standard hot chocolate) but having a chuckle, anyway. It’s probably time for some sleep. As soon as the coffee decided to wear off. 
Thought this might make you laugh, too. 

It was all worth it, though. I got to spend Thanksgiving with my mum and my brother for the first time in probably thirty years.

Home Sweet Home!

Here in mums lovely little peaceful home. .

Just released for the holidays:

(and it’s FREE on KDP Select!)

Once Upon a Vet School #10: Greener Pastures Calling

Travel Greener Pastures

A new country, a great job, and a “good Kiwi bloke”.
Life couldn’t be better.
Until it gets worse. 

Newly emigrated to New Zealand, equine veterinarian Lena wants a “good Kiwi bloke”, but they’re elusive as their nocturnal namesake. Her history with men is not, shall we say, salubrious.

Nigel’s avoiding females, unless they’re cows, horses, or his mother. After his first marriage, he won’t be responsible for anyone else’s life ever again.

Sparks fly when they meet, but not that first time, over the dirty instruments in a filthy cowshed. They’re made for each other… until Nigel remembers where he first saw her. And then the questions start.

The Series

This is Book Ten in the ONCE UPON A VET SCHOOL series.

Did you ever want to be a veterinarian?

These contemporary veterinary fictions can easily be read as standalones, but they are part of a series. Share Lena’s escapades as she follows her dream of becoming an equine veterinarian from the Santa Cruz Mountains of her childhood through the jungles of university to equine practice in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and finally onto her career as a rural equine and sometimes zoo-dentistry vet in New Zealand. This is Book Ten in the series, which is being written from the middle out—if George Lucas can do it, why not?

Stories for anyone who’s ever dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or loves horses—stories of veterinary school life and the horses that fill Lena’s dreams and her daytimes, too. They feature a capable heroine, modern veterinary treatments, plenty of laughs, some tears, and a lot of growing up. They’re clean and wholesome, so everyone can read them!

What did you do for the holidays that meant the most?

Let me know!

There’s a digital copy of A Long Trail Rolling going out to a lucky commenter (by random draw!) in the next three days! Get writing!

I hope you all drive safely this holiday season and spend good time with those you love.


Lizzi Tremayne



Travel at Holiday Time

Travel is generally good, fantastic even. Any travel at holiday time, especially when one is in the Northern Hemisphere, is special.

travelAs a small-town girl from the little redwood hamlet of La Honda, California, cities are not my favorite, whether we’re talking about Auckland or San Francisco.


My partner’s a big-city boy, London born and bred. And still in the city much of the time. He gets his big city fix during the week and comes home on weekends. I go up there sometimes to go to events… and remind myself why I brave the farm, the mud, and the animals, living in at P.O. Box Middle of Nowhere, somewhere between the Hauraki and Coromandel Districts of North Island, New

But I digress.

I’m in the SF airport en route back home, and it’s been a wonderful, if busy, trip. The second visit to California in the space of a month. The first took me to visit family and attend my 30th reunion of my U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine class.


I hadn’t realised how much I missed all of those people. The official reunion at the school, and the fantastic three-night stay with a twenty or so of them at the lovely Zephyr Point, with daily long hikes in the Sierras.


Then back to NZ for a few weeks, followed by more travel to California, this time to…

  • have a book signing at Chapman’s Books in Ferndale, CA, which was wonderful. Thanks Christine Chapman for having me!


  • travel to Butte County Fairgrounds to help the horses and other animals who have been injured or displaced by the Camp Fire. I no longer maintain my California veterinary license, so I went as a technician, but I was happy to help make a lot of horses happier. 🙂



  • exhibit my Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks at the AAEP, the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Annual Convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


I stayed in San Francisco at the old Hotel Grant. Once it must’ve been opulent. The rooms are huge, still with wainscoting and WINDOWS THAT OPEN, with NO AIR CONDITIONING. TRAVEL TRAVELMy favorites. Hands down.

I had a whole week in San Francisco, probably the longest I’ve ever stayed in a city.

And I enjoyed it, some of it, but with all the getting ready (including 8 hours cleaning my recently transported stocks, which had been stored outside in PA over the winter, under trees, etc.  Not ideal…) and playing tourist, it flew!



Three days of conference and transport of said stocks to their holding place, repairs, etc. and visitation of old, special friends wrapped it up! And the Russian Cultural Center… I need some research help for Tatiana!  Awesome museum and curator!

Found the Union Square Apple Store… wow!

The holidays, though… pretty lights in SF, lighting up the palm trees and huge Christmas tree in Union Square, beside the Happy Hanukkah menorah, against Macy’s wreaths in every window, the opulent decorations of Williams-Sonoma and ice skating in the Square.



Now back to New Zealand summer and more writing. Speaking of writing, have you read Authors of Main Streeet’s  Christmas Wishes on Main Street? It’s out now! Find it here! 

My story in Christmas Wishes on Main Street is another installment in the Once Upon a Vet School series, this time it’s #10: Greener Pastures Calling, featuring Lena in the country of my heart, New Zealand.

Greener Pastures Calling

A new country, a great job, and a “good Kiwi bloke”.
Life couldn’t be better.
Until it gets worse.

Lena loves her new adopted country of New Zealand, its horses and dairy stock, her veterinary workmates and her boss… but her luck with men is, shall we say, funny to watch… from the outside. She’d love a “good Kiwi bloke”, but they’re proving as elusive as their nocturnal namesake.

Nigel’s staying away from females, unless they’re cows, horses, or his mother. After his first marriage went off the rails, or the road, anyway, he just plain won’t be responsible for anyone else’s life… but Lena’s a bit of a different kettle of fish… or is she?

Sparks fly when they meet for the first time—the first official time, anyway. Not the time they conversed over the dirty instruments after she’d just survived an afternoon of malodorous veterinary treatments. They seem to be made for each other… but then Nigel remembers where he first saw her. And the questions start. Can they get past their past to see to the future they both want so badly?

Travel Greener Pastures

Get it now 

Travel ChristmasWishes

Get it now, just in time for Christmas!


See you all soon!

Lizzi Tremayne



Once Upon a Vet School… This Time in New Zealand!

Hi all!

Can’t wait for the release of our 2018 Christmas Boxed Set! I think you’ll love it!

And I think you’ll like my contribution. It’s set in New Zealand. Yep, same heroine, different country. 🙂

Oh, and quite a few people have asked me, of this SEMI-autobiographical series, which parts are real and which are made-up?

As I tell them, sorry, that’s going to remain my secret. 🙂

We’re having a little jump, like from # to #10.  Trust me, it’ll be better this way. 🙂  Though each story is designed to be read independently, it’ll be fun when it’s a complete series.

The plan is to make the series applicable to readers of the heroine’s age. That means, as horse crazy Lena first hears she needs good grades to get into veterinary school as a seven-year-old, Book One will be written for readers of that age group, ie: young readers. And so on. 🙂

So young, and ever-older  readers can relate to the stories as Lena grows with them.

So it’s your turn, readers:  what do you think of the idea of having reader-age-linked stories in the same series?

My story for the upcoming  boxed set: 

Lena loves her new adopted country of New Zealand, its horses and dairy stock, her veterinary workmates and her boss… but her luck with men is, shall we say, not ideal. She’d love a ‘good Kiwi bloke’, but they’re proving as elusive as their nocturnal namesake.

Nigel’s staying away from females, unless they’re cows, horses, or his mother. After his first marriage went off the rails, or the road, anyway, he just plain won’t be responsible for anyone else’s life… but Lena’s a bit of a different kettle of fish… or is she?

Sparks fly when they meet for the first time—the first official time, anyway. Not the time they conversed over the dirty instruments after she’d just survived an afternoon of malodorous veterinary treatments. They seem to be made for each other… but then Nigel remembers when they first met. And the questions start. Can they get past their past to see to the future they both want so badly?

And there’s more!

Jude Knighton, one of our authors, mentioned the Bluestocking Belles’ box set a few weeks ago, and I talked about it but couldn’t talk about it because we hadn’t had our cover reveal party yet!

SO HERE IT IS!  Follow Your Star Home.

Somewhere Like Home:

From the Highlands to Waterloo—can love prevail over fate?

1813, Scottish Highlands

When Robert refuses to become clan tacksman after his father, he is disowned and off down the road to build a life for himself and his beloved Sofia.

Sofia’s waiting turns to despair when her mother buys safety during the clearance of their village at Sofia’s expense, leaving her to the lusts of the laird’s son.

Rob emerges from the hell of Waterloo wanting only to see Sofia again…and his father.

Meet my hero and heroine!


Follow Your Star Home is available for preorder now right here!


And once again, I ask:  what do you think of the idea of having reader-age-linked stories in the same series?

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Take good care, and happy reading!


Lizzi Tremayne


Jane Austin Exhibit? In HAMILTON, NZ?

Do I have a special treat for you today!


Today we went to the  Jane Austin Exhibit at the Hamilton Museum in Hamilton, New Zealand. And that means you get to see what we saw.   

 There were various items of clothing from an Australian collection of British clothing from the time of Jane Austen’s writing, around 1815. We met with our local Coast to Coast Chapter of the RWNZ. It was great to see some of the names of certain items of clothing which had previously eluded me!

JaneAusten  JaneAusten

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JaneAusten  JaneAusten     JaneAusten Another JaneAusten




Jane Austen

Another surprise treat for you,

The Bluestocking Belles, of which both Jude Knight and I are also members, are having a launch party for our own upcoming Christmas Boxed Set, too!

Help the Bluestocking Belles celebrate the release of the cover of their 2018 joint project. Games, prizes, pretty dresses, and books. What could be better? There will be heaps of prizes, books, and lots of fun. And you’re invited!  It’s TOMORROW!

Right here!

Saturday, September 8 at 2 PM – 9 PM EDT (Sunday in NZ!)

Hope to see you there!

Jane AustenMy Works in Progress

I’ve just completed a story for the Bluestocking Belles and immediately got stuck into my two current WIPs, one for Authors of Main Street, and one for ME… or rather… more than one for me…

You see, it’s a little like this… Tatiana (unusual… lol…  for me) has become… slightly… long. STOP laughing and just read on.



The long-awaited Tatiana, another book in The Long Trails series, will become a series of its own. As Matt has repeatedly told me, it WILL be long… like… War & Peace long, so it will be multiple volumes. Too crazy to print, otherwise! The good news is that the first volume is expected out in time for Christmas!

Here’s the blurb!

When the tsar holds the reins, nothing is sure— even life itself…     

Stableman’s daughter Tatiana rises to glamorous heights by her equestrienne abilities, but the tsar’s glittering attention is not always gold.

She and her husband Vladimir become pawns in the emperor’s pursuit of a coveted secret weapon. While Tatiana and their infant son are placed under house arrest, Vladimir must recover the weapon, or lose his wife and young son.

With the odds mounting against them, can they find each other again—half a world away?

Watch for it for Christmas!

This book will follow my New Zealand Historical Fiction,

A Sea of Green Unfolding

available everywhere!


Jane Austen

AOMS Christmas Boxed Set

My current AoMS Christmas contemporary is set in rural North Island New Zealand in the 1990s. It features Lena from the Once Upon a Vet School series, but several years on. It will later be part of the OAVS series, but for now, it is an AoMS Christmas Boxed Set novella!

Watch for it, it will be out in the next few months!

Here’s my part of the boxed set!  (and no, you cannot see the cover yet!)

Have a wonderful month, all! Take care and happy reading and writing!


Lizzi Tremayne



Organization needed!


Hi all, hope you’ve been well and safe.

I’m good, but have been a bit overwhelmed this month, having set myself some fairly challenging goals. Complete one novella, beta read a few more, start a totally new website, and hold a Facebook Event… with 8/11 of the participants party newbies.

Somewhere Called Home

I’ve just finished a novella for another boxed set in the Bluestocking Belles group. It’s an historical fiction novella, which I’ll be turning into a novel soon! If you’ve read The Long Trails series, it’s Scotty’s story! It’s Scotty’s story. If you’ll remember, Scotty is the trading post proprietor in A Long Trail Rolling. It features the Scottish Highland Clearances, Waterloo, and everything in between, so it was hard to write as short as required for this set.

It will first be published as a SHORT (for me) novella as part of the Bluestocking Belles’ Christmas Boxed Set later this year, called Somewhere Like Home, and few months later, I’ll release a more developed novel: Somewhere Called Home. Can’t wait to put out the full novel!

Here’s the cover background image I took up in the Highlands.

In the far background is an old neolithic hill fort. The tumbled stones in the foreground are the remains of several shielings, where the herdsmen lived in the summertimes. Nothing left but drystone walls of their homes… they left rather… abruptly. Read them and see what happened!

I’ll let you know when it’s out!



The new website’s called

And it’s about, get this… horsey and vet-related fiction and nonfiction!

For years, I’d sought a website dedicated to horse and vet related books… and I didn’t find it. So, I’ve created one. (Yes, by myself) I assembled a stellar cast of authors from who write everything from children’s stories, through YA, NA, and adult, horsey historical fiction, as well as educational materials  to take part in a virtual horse and animal lovers extravaganza to launch this new website.

It was a celebration of our kind of stories and books! Our readers were able to chat with authors and hear about their stories! There were prizes to be won and fun to be had! And even better, it was timed to work for readers of all ages, from all over the world! It’s rated G, so your young horse and vet-mad children can participate in the party!

Launch of OAVS #6

Of course, I had to launch the individual release of Once Upon a Vet School #6: Fifty Miles at a Breath, on the same weekend as the famed Tevis Cup Western States 100, running for a hundred miles over the breathtaking and treacherous trail from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California… in the heat. The story is centered around endurance racing, so it was appropriately timed!

And here it is!

organizationOnce Upon a Vet School #6: Fifty Miles at a Breath

will be #FreeForKindleUnlimited or 2.99 USD for the rest of the month!

Can’t get a much better deal than that!

Find it here


Horses bring them together and their future looks rosy—it’s the present they can’t handle.

When equine veterinary student Lena and veteran pilot Blake fall in love, vet school and his past experiences intrude. Add in a long-distance relationship, and things get just plain hard.

A grueling endurance race forces them to draw on their strengths and face their fears—together.


Here’s the cover! It features my grandmother riding up Cougar Rock in the Tevis Cup Western States 100 miler race:

100 miles in a day. (my stepdad RAN the thing).

Enjoy! Buy it here!

And guess what happened just after the release party?


How exciting!

Take care, all!

Until next time,

Lizzi Tremayne


Interview with Lizzi and Aleksandra!

Hello All! How about an interview with Authors of Main Street author Lizzi Tremayne, and an interview with Aleksandra Lekarski, heroine of The Long Trails series!

First, an interview with Aleksandra!

Where are you from?

I was born in Vienna, but my family ran to the United States when I was just an infant. We ended up trapping in the wilderness of Utah Territory, where I live now.

Tell us a bit about A Long Trail Rolling.

It’s the story where I meet the love of my life, nearly lose my life, and get to do something no girl has ever done before, ride the Pony Express!

What did you think the first time you saw Xavier?

Wow…chocolate brown eyes, deeply tanned Latino visage, gorgeous smile, and what a hunk.


What was your second thought?

Well…(looking down at my shuffling feet)…I…sort of…drew my shashka* and held it to his throat?


Did you feel it was love at first sight?

I think it was, but then my training to protect my family’s secret kicked in. I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, and it took some time for me to realize he was really the man of my dreams.


What do you like most about him?

Hmmm…that’s a hard one. It would have to be the way he holds me when I think the world’s going to end, and murmurs love words in Spanish…he’s incredibly sexy. Did you know, ‘te quiero’, in Español, means both ‘I love you’, and ‘I want you’?  That’s how close they’re linked to a Latino. J


How would you describe him?

Well, my sexy Latino lover is strong, sensitive, and loves me to bits (despite my stroppy temper and reluctance to let anyone else have any say). You should hear how he talks to frightened horses, and rides.  Mmmmmmmm…  He does have a few issues with trust…well, a lot of them…and a history of abuse from his stepfather, who he thought was his father until just recently.


How would he describe you?

Do I really have to answer that? (Big sigh.) He’d say (I’ve heard him say, anyway) I’m lovely (he can’t get enough of my golden curls that reach past my derrière), an unparalleled rider (I was trained by my father in dzhigitovka, Cossack defense riding, now similar to trick riding, smart (I speak five languages and do math in my head), sensitive, generous to a fault, and a lot of fun. But…he’d also say I’m opinionated, bossy, inclined to always want to do things my own way, and difficult to get to know. J But he loves me anyway.

What made you choose teaching as a career?

Well, when the Pony Express shut down because the Pah-Ute Indians burned down most of the stations for over a hundred miles (not that I blamed them) and I could no longer ride for them, masquerading as a boy, Xavier and I went to Virginia City and got married. Since the Pony wasn’t running, my choices were to teach, work in a livery stable (which didn’t impress Xavier) or clean house.  Guess what won?


What is your biggest fear?

That someone will discover our family’s secret and give it to the tsar of Russia, and he will use it to run over all of Europe, and then Papa’s death was for naught.


How do you relax?

What’s a relax? Oh, like when I’m injured so much I can’t keep going? I like to lay back in Xavier’s arms and be cuddled and kissed…and other things, but this is a clean blog. J


Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

Wow, that’s a hard one. We didn’t have many books, out there in Utah Territory…let’s see…that would have to be Vanessa March, in Airs Above the Ground, by Mary Stewart. The book wasn’t written when I was alive, but a little time travel let me read it. Vanessa’s a classy, feisty veterinarian with real heart. She’s great under pressure and I adore her.


What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Papa told me again and again to never get excited in a fight. If I kept breathing, my brain would keep me alive. It’s worked, so far. Thanks, Papa!


*shashka: Cossack short, hiltless sword


And now, here’s an interview with author of The Long Trails and Once Upon a Vet School series’, Lizzi Tremayne!



What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer and why?

That would have to be Airs Above the Ground, combining a great heroine (I like the same things about her that Aleksandra does), veterinary medicine (my dream from seven years old) and the Lipizzaner horses, (also my dream from even earlier). This was the first Historical Romantic Suspense I ever read, and at a young age. I seem to see her in most of my heroines! I’ve been hooked on Historical Romantic Suspense ever since. Phillipa Gregory’s books have taught me a lot of history and I love her way with words and her ability to make the history live. Diana Gabaldon combines many genres in her work. I love her books and she’s shown me I can write the books in my heart that cross genres and get away with it!


What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel?

Possibly this wasn’t an actual single event, but it was a relationship. A man I adored had ‘attachment issues’ from abuse in his young life. As much as I wanted to try to ‘fix’ him, I learned it was something I couldn’t do. He had to want it enough to make the changes that could have let him be happier in his life.  Xavier, however, had no such choice. J As my character, I could encourage him to look at his issues for what they were. I could use my bit of control freak on this poor fictional character to make him fix himself. He’ll still have trouble with it through this book, and in other books in the series, but he’s genuinely trying to get better and face his fears.  He’s winning. J It was Xavier’s major issue in the story, so it impacted it by becoming his Achilles heel.



Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them?

Well, I’m my own publisher. It’s called Blue Mist Publishing. I’ve pitched to several publishers and agents. Most have requested, but in reviewing my submissions, decided they didn’t know where to place the story, as it crossed genres. As a publisher might have encouraged, I’ve entered plenty of contests. I have won some, placed in others, and put the ribbons on my cover. In the course of all this, my writing’s improved, and I will continue to work on my craft till my dying day!



A Long Trail Rolling


She didn’t expect to become a target…but she is one now.


Aleksandra is alone and running to prevent her father’s killer from discovering their family secret. Disguised as a Pony Express rider in 1860’s Utah, Aleksandra winds up in even deeper trouble when she rides full speed into the Paiute Indian War. With Xavier, her compelling Californio boss, can she escape the Indians on the warpath and evade the man who’s already killed her father—and set his sights on her?


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