E. Ayers

Author Bio

Born and raised with wealth, E. Ayers turned her back on all of it and married her prince charming a few days after her eighteenth birthday. Her family disowned her, and her friends were shocked. A firm believer in love conquering everything, she never looked back. The love she and her husband shared became the springboard for her novelsE. Ayers.

Fascinated with the way people deal with everyday problems, E Ayers has always been an observer and a listener. A simple problem for one person is a mountain for another. She utilizes those common predicaments which is why her books touch so many lives.

Today, she spends most of her free time writing while living in a pre-Civil War home with her little dog and her old cat. Rattling around in an old money pit gives her muse plenty of freedom. Her idea of a perfect day is to spend it at the keyboard of her computer, coffee in hand, and everything in the house actually working as it should. She’s the official matchmaker for all the characters who wander through her brain, and she likes finding just the right ones to create a story.

E. Ayers on Amazon

Historical Fiction: A Rancher's Woman - Victorian Native American Western (Creed's Crossing Historical Book 1) by [Ayers, E.]

A Rancher’s Woman (a historical novel) *

A Rancher’s Dream (a historical novel) *


Loving Matilda (a historical novel) *#
Loving Ellen (a historical novel) *#

Sweetwater Springs Christmas (historical anthology) *

A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming (Creed's Crossing Book 1) by [Ayers, E.]

A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming (a novella) *
A Cowboy’s Kiss in Wyoming (a novella) *
A Love Song in Wyoming (a novella) *
A Calling in Wyoming (a novella) *

Happy Holidays River City (a collection) *
Baby It’s Cold Outside (collection) *

Wanting: (Mac and Amanda's Story) (A River City Novel Book 1) by [Ayers, E.]

Wanting (A River City Novel)
A New Beginning (A River City Novel)
A Challenge (A River City Novel)
Forever (A River City Novel)
A Son (A River City Novel)
A Child’s Heart (A River City Novel)
Campaign (A River City Novel)

Coming Out of Hiding (a novel)

A Fine Line (a novella)
Mariners Cove (a novella)
Ask Me Again (a novella)
A Skeleton at Her Door (a novella)

Contemporary Romance: Wedding Vows - A Collection of Wedding Love Stories by [Ayers, E]

Wedding Vows (collection of the following three novellas)
With This Ring
I Thee Wed
To Have and to Hold

* Sweeter Reads
# An Amazon exclusive (Written in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky series)