Kristy Tate

I started writing stories that I kept hidden under my bed at age 8. That means I’ve been writing for more than forty years, but I’ve been doing other stuff as well. I went to school, was editor of my high school newspaper, went to BYU and BYU’s International Center in London where I studied English Literature; I got married and had babies (six of them.) I both took and taught piano lessons. Although I’m a homebody, I also love to travel and the list of places I’ve visited is so long it’s boring. Currently, I live in California, but I grew up in Washington, attended school in Utah and London, and spent two years in Connecticut.

I’m extraordinarily lucky. My second novel placed fifth in an international writing contest. My fourth novel was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Novel Breakthrough contest. My fifth novel, Stealing Mercy, placed second at the LDS StoryMaker’s First Chapter contest, historical category and is now available on Amazon and most electronic readers. And I’ve just published my second novel, A Ghost of a Second Chance. Because I’ve been writing for so many years and been so many places and done so many things, I will always have something to write about it. Most will stay beneath my bed, but some of it I’ll share here and on my blog