Stephanie Queen

SQ Closeup at NEAuthorExpo EnhancedShort Bio aka Personal Tid-bits:

* I have a cat named Kitty  (don’t criticize).

* My writing has been called quirky. (whatever that means).

* Dr. Seuss often inspires my writing (see quirky).

* I have a Master’s degree in Literature & Creative Writing from Harvard University (no, I’m not kidding).

* Besides writing and reading, sports is a passion of mine–football in particular. (I love alpha males.)

* My latest series, Beachcomber Investigations, is all about Dane & Shana, partners in a private detective agency, who are struggling to decide if they should fall in love. It’s a real kick to write!

* I’m a jockette (see above passions – sports).

* If Pollyanna had a twitter handle, I’d follow her (she’s a fictional character right?)

* I have a hard time taking bios seriously.

If you really want to know more, visit my website at,