A Quick Reminder

Wednesday, January 31, is the last day to purchase Loving Matilda  for 99c. It’s my Montana Sky Series book. It starts in Debra Holland’s gold mining town Morgan’s Crossing, Montana, goes east, comes back to Morgan’s Crossing, and eventually winds up in Creed’s Crossing, Wyoming. It’s all set in the 1880’s.

Now the really fun part about this novel for me was where Matilda went when she came East. Right back to where I grew up and where my family roots are located. This is where it got tricky. I might know the area from when I was little, but I certainly wasn’t around in the 1880’s.  Yes, when I was little I could see the Delaware River from the top of my great-grandmother’s house. Of course by that time, I could barely see it and there were no tall masted ships sailing on the river. But those rolling hills still exist. So I resorted to finding some old maps. Well I found a really old map! And that’s when the fun began. I got a little sidetracked when I discovered the original family house, and several known names listed in the population.  Oh, what fun! Of course that stuff didn’t go into the novel, but seeing the river did.  And considering my grandmother was  born in the 1880’s, I had all those wonderful old stories that she told of living on the farm.  (Maybe it was a good thing that I was the last child and completely unexpected by older parents. I have lots of fodder for historical stories.)

All my westerns are considered sweet but I call it fading to grey.  The reader might know what is going on but I don’t say it.  🙂

So grab your copy while it’s 99c on Amazon.com

I love keeping my historical westerns as accurate was possible, so if you have never read one of mine, try Loving Matilda. It’s not a normal romance. It’s about life and the guy who rescues her – that is after she almost killed him. She’s one tough female who has no idea how to be feminine.  Get it while Amazon has it on sale!

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Just click on the cover ! You can read about the Lakota Indians, trains, and all sorts of excitement beyond gold mining because life wasn’t easy for anyone.


It’s March!

I hope everyone had as much fun with our romantic excerpts in February as we did. We loved sharing our friends books with all of you.

We’ve also added two new authors to Main Street. Lizzi Tremayne and Magdalena Scott. Please welcome them and be sure to read their posts. We have been an international group with Susan in Canada. But with Lizzi living in New Zealand,  we’re now worldwide and not just North American. 🙂 Main Street is everywhere!

As we transition into spring here, Lizzi is headed into fall.  Either way, it’s a lovely time of year between the extremes. I snapped this pic yesterday evening outside the library where local authors gather twice a month. Yes, those are trees in bloom and daffodils were img_20170228_175222blooming along with several irises. Has it been a bit warm here in the SE corner of Virginia? Yes! Unseasonably! But I won’t complain, as it keeps the heater off and the AC isn’t needed. Yet parts of the North America are still feeling winter’s cold blast.  There’s still plenty of time for this area to feel the cold of winter for we aren’t even close to the last frost date. But for now I’m happy!

We have lots of fun things coming this year. Our Christmas boxed set will be boxed-set-v3bkavailable for a little while longer before it vanishes, but we’re already talking about Christmas 2017. Remember our box is 99c and it’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited! It’s our gift to our readers! And it’s available in print!

So March is roaring in with a light breeze here. I’m in edits for an upcoming western historical, and my next contemporary is already dancing in my mind. I’m trying to keep those characters quiet until I finish with my western manuscript. I promise that characters have no manners whatsoever! They’re never quiet when you need them to be. 😦

My backyard began to fill with late winter color when the Lenten Roses began to bloom followed by the February Gold daffodils and the leaves of other spring bulbs have already begun to poke their heads out of the ground. The area that should be grass is blooming in almost solid purple with wild Lamium. That’s what happens when you don’t kill off the broad-leafed weeds in the grass. 🙂  What’s happening outside your window?