My Kindle Scout Experience

**Spoiler Alert** I didn’t get picked for a publishing contract. LOL

I’ve been doing this indie author thing since 2011 and I like to try new things, so I thought I would give Kindle Scout a try. Best case-publishing contract. Worst case-have to wait 45 days to put up new release.

You have to get approved just to participate. I don’t know what percentage, if any, that they disallow, but I’m a worrier. So it was a long 2 days while I waited to hear.

I needed a 1-liner. Something catchy to get attention to my campaign. I went with:

A ghost can’t compete with a real man. It was simple and encapsulated the theme of my story. I was happy with that.

Next, I needed the short book description. I went with:

Megan Trent misses her deceased husband every day, until he returns as a sexy, ghostly visitor every night. When the visitations turn twisted and dark, she knows she’s in too deep to stop the madness on her own. Jack O’Malley, founder of Ghost Releasers, Inc. is her only hope. Sparks fly from the moment the two meet, but Jack isn’t willing to compete with a ghost. Even with her dead husband’s final release, a dark danger remains to torment her. Jack and Megan must fight evil intentions in this world and ghostly intentions in the next to save their lives and their love.

I loved the description. It read nicely. It said what I wanted to say. But…it was too many characters for what KS allows. So, had to pare it down but save the essence of what it said.

Megan Trent misses her deceased husband every day, but he returns as a sexy, ghostly visitor every night. When the visits turn twisted and dark, she knows she can’t stop the madness on her own. Jack O’Malley, founder of Ghost Releasers, Inc. is her only hope. Sparks fly from the moment the two meet, but Jack isn’t willing to compete with a ghost. Even with her dead husband’s release, a dark danger remains. Jack and Megan must fight to save their lives and their love against ghostly intentions.

It’s okay, but I wasn’t thrilled with it. It would have to do. Then there is the blurb. You don’t get to decide the blurb, they do it for you. I think it ended on a nice spot, so that was all good.

Next, you have to decide how much you will advertise and promote the entry. I went with the minimum I wanted to do. I used a service called readper for a nice bounce in the middle, but no spillage of the days after. Authorshout was a tweeting service and I believe it kept me with at least some page views every day of the campaign.

The best Hot and Trending days were at the beginning, in the middle when I sent newsletters to my subscribers, and at the end when it was in the Ending Soon category. Note to self: if I did it again, I would divide my newsletter subscribers into mini 100-200 names subsets and send a subset a newsletter each day to spread out the page views longer.

I had to wait 12 days to get my no, thank you email. But considering that we used to have to wait months, years, forever to hear from agents and editors, it wasn’t so bad.

I formatted Ghostly Intentions for self-publishing while I was waiting to hear, so it was ready to go the day after I got the rejection. It got a nice ranking from the Scouts hearing it was now available, that it was just 99¢, and also in Kindle Unlimited.

My takeaway from the experience: I think I would do it again, but only with a first in series. Others have said it is hard to get them interested in a book 2, 3, etc. And I would spend a little more money with Facebook ads perhaps to promote myself to see more hours of hot and trending. I ended up with 178 out of 720 hours Hot and Trending and 2.7k page views. Not sure how many nominations that included, but in the 5k range for page views seemed more the norm for others. is the ultimate must-read if you are thinking of doing this. They are supportive and knowledgeable.

You can check out Ghostly Intentions at Amazon. Thanks!!

Jill James, romance author

A New Member on Main Street: Lizzi Tremayne


I’m Lizzi Tremayne, an award-winning author of historical romantic thriller/suspense, veterinary non-fiction and soon, veterinary small town contemporary fiction! I have two novels out now, and two more in the works!

I’m ecstatic to have been asked to join Authors on Main Street, because I feel so at home with the people here, not only the author members, but also those of you who comment on the blogs.

I grew up in the little town of La Honda, in the redwoods of California, but my small town is now Waihi, New Zealand, where I live on my six acre riverside farmlet with my horse, cows, dogs, cats and chickens. This pic was taken on a little island in the middle of the river, only 40 metres from my house!aut-island-paradise-3mb

I’m excited to be writing my first contemporary fiction for our 2017 Christmas Boxed Set—hint..I’m an equine (horse) veterinarian, so it might have something to do with that!

The excerpt below is from THE HILLS OF GOLD UNCHANGING, book 2 of The Long Trails series, released only two weeks ago!  My books are available in digital, paperback (in both standard and large print), and book 1, A LONG TRAIL ROLLING, is also available in three forms of hardcover!


About The Hills of Gold Unchanging:

No one will stand in their way—

                                                and live.


As the Civil War rages, secessionists menace California.

Trying to get back home, Aleksandra and Xavier journey through the mining camps of 1860’s Nevada and California, the Sacramento floods and Old San Francisco to Xavier’s Californio Rancho de las Pulgas.

Embroiled in the Confederate’s fight to drag the new state from the Union and make it their own, can Aleks and Xavier survive? The secessionists mean business.

This is Book Two of The Long Trails Series of historical romantic thriller sagas, following Lizzi’s characters from the wilderness of 1860’s Utah to Colonial New Zealand

Setup for the excerpt:

This is the beginning of the book…

The Excerpt:

June 1860, Echo Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, Utah Territory

His blade glinted in the sunlight as he lunged toward her, but she ducked and spun, her own sword flashing in figure eights while she retreated, and his strike met with only air. He recovered and set himself up for the onslaught he knew would come, coughing as the dust kicked up by their boots thickened.

Blade up, he parried the blows she rained down upon him. He managed to get in one of his own, and retreated for a moment, breathing hard. She stepped back as well, her breasts heaving beneath the thin linen. Blue eyes glittered below brows narrowed with concentration, before her sword returned to action with a vengeance. They circled, dodging and striking in turn. Her skill was far greater, but the girl’s injuries from her last fight, combined with his greater reach and fitness were beginning to tell. A movement tugged at the edge of his vision—he glanced up from her sword to see her hat tumble off. Her hair cascaded down in a tangle to her thighs, and his heart surged.

She’s mine now.

He offered the ghost of a smile as he moved in to disarm her with a passing lunge and struck at her sword arm.

The air left his lungs and he tasted dirt in his mouth as he hit the unforgiving ground face-first. He groaned and rolled over, expecting the worst.

Above him, her laughing visage met his eyes. Her glorious curls, molten gold, fell around his face like a veil as she bent to wipe his face and kiss his lips. She slid the hilt of his sword from his hand.

“All right, halte, hold, you two,” their instructor said, in his heavy Russian accent. “There’s still work to be done, Xavier, but you’ve done well.”

Xavier Argüello took the hand his opponent offered, hopped to his feet and dusted off his clothes.

“Well done, Querido,” said his intended, Aleksandra Lekarski, as she returned his sword.

“Xavier, come here, please,” Vladimir Chabardine said, from the doorway of the cabin, where he was propped up in his sickbed. “You have worked hard. I am impressed, and it is rare that I am compelled to say that. That shashka now belongs to you. Use it in good health.”

Xavier stared at him, then at the Don Cossack saber in his hand, its leather grip smooth with years of use. He was silent for long moments.

“But it’s yours, Vladimir,” he finally said.

“It was one of mine, yes. Now it is yours. Tatiana brought my other two shashkas with her from Russia. One is for Nikolai, when he is ready, and this one is for you. It’s the least I can do, after my part in,” he looked at Aleksandra and grimaced, “your papa’s death.”

She nodded, her face grim, in acknowledgement.

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,” Xavier said, shaking his head at the Russian, as he ran a finger from the tooled embellishment on the pommel through to the rawhide bouton and strip they used for their practice sessions. He slid the protectors off and his new shashka whispered into its scabbard. He turned to face Aleksandra, and bowed to her. “Thank you,” he said, then turned to Vladimir, “and again, to you.”

She returned the bow and smiled at them both.

“You’re not quite done,” Vladimir said. “Xavier, replace the guard.”

“What would you like?” Aleksandra asked.

“One more bout. En garde,” he said, and they prepared.

Prêt.” They nodded.

Allez,” Vladimir snapped, and they began.

Aleksandra feinted, then moved to strike, but Xavier saw a hole in her defense and lunged. She twirled way, with a laugh, then drew back, looking frightened, her body twisted strangely to the right.

Was she injured?

His gaze lifted to her face, but no pain resided there, though her brow was furrowed. What a chance! Her whole left side was unguarded, and he went for the opening.

Before he could alter his course, she unwound and her shashka flashed toward him. For the second time in his life, he froze as he found her blade across his throat.

¿Recuerdas? Remember this?” she said, her eyes merry.

“How could I forget, Querida,” he spoke for her ears alone, “our first meeting?”

Hands clapped behind them and they spun as one, hands on their sword hilts.

“No need fer that, no need fer that,” said a man, mounted on a chestnut horse. Beside the horse walked a black man, tied by the wrists to the rope in the rider’s hands.

“What do you wan—” Xavier began, then clamped his jaw, as his breath came short. Blood pounded in his ears and his face heated. “What can I help you with,” he finally managed, past gritted teeth, as he walked away from the house door, toward their callers.

“Well, hello theah,” the rider said, his Southern accent heavy. “Good fightin’, and fer a girl, too.” He looked sideways at Aleksandra.

“Aleks,” Xavier hissed, as he felt, rather than saw, her bristle beside him. He glanced at her knuckles showing white on the pommel of her saber. He reached out and covered her sword hand with his own and she took a deep breath and stilled.

“We’re yer new neighbors down th’road. Y’all wanna buy a slave? We’ve jus’ done come West ‘n now we’ve done finished buildin’ the house, he’s,” he nodded at the man at the end of his tether, “jus’ ‘noth’r mouth t’feed. Ca’int use ‘im to grow nuthin’ in this rock y’call dirt around heah.” He stopped and looked at the yard and cabin. “Nice place y’all got here.”

Xavier nodded, silent.

The man’s brows narrowed, then he continued. “Well, ah wondered if y’all had a breedin—ah, a woman slave I could trade fer him. The missus wants help in t’house, an’ I could use a little…too.” The glint in his beady eyes turned his grin into a leer.

Xavier closed his eyes and clenched his fists. “This territory may allow slavery, but nobody holds with it around here.”

The Southerner was silent for a moment, then answered with a voice dripping with sarcasm. “Now that’s mahty neighborly of ya. Are y’all some o’them ab’litionists we come West to git away from?”

“As you wish.” Xavier raised a brow at him, then shifted his gaze to the man on foot, staring at the dirt. “I apologize to you, sir, but you’ll have to go home with him again. May you find yourself a better life soon.”

The corners of the slave’s mouth lifted briefly. His eyes flickered up to Xavier’s, brightened, then dulled again as he dropped them to the ground.

“C’mon Jordan,” the rider growled, “we’re not welc’m here, by all accounts.” He jerked his horse around and they retreated the way they’d come.

Xavier stood silent, watching them go, then began to shake. He closed his eyes, willing himself to control the anger, and the deepening darkness. He inhaled sharply. When he opened his eyes, Aleksandra was staring at him.

“Are you all right?” she said, her brow furrowed.

“Yes.” Xavier nodded.

“More Southerners,” Aleksandra scowled as she wiped sweat from her brow with the back of her sleeve, “running from home before the government takes their slaves away?”

“That’ll never happen,” Xavier said, from between clenched jaws. “Too strong, too wealthy—cotton—slaves. Poor beggars down South.” He peered around. “Even here. I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it,” she said. “They’re coming.”

He shook his head. “I just wish we could stop it—the abuse, the owning.”

Aleksandra wrapped her arms around him, held him close until the tremors quieted. She leaned back in his arms and studied his face, then seemed satisfied with what she saw.

“Having you here makes it bearable, I think,” he said, and kissed her.

“I’m so used to you being the strong one…sometimes I forget the demons that still eat at you,” she said.

The Hills of Gold Unchanging

Awards for the series:

With A Long Trail Rolling:

Finalist 2013 RWNZ Great Beginnings

Winner 2014 RWNZ Pacific Hearts Award

Winner 2015 RWNZ Koru Award for Best First Novel

Third place 2015 RWNZ Koru Long Novel section

Finalist 2015 Best Indie Book Award

Hope you love the story! See you soon!





What’s in a Name Anyway? By Stephanie Queen


Myren, my chauffeur, will tell you names aren’t important, but I disagree (he isn’t particularly fond of his name, so it’s a sour grapes thing with him and probably why he goes by some other crazy nickname which I can’t remember). That’s my big problem with names: I have trouble remembering them. I seem to have an impenetrable block. You would think my biggest headache is when I’m in a room full of new people trying to keep track of names, but no. At least then I have faces to go by.

No, my biggest name-headache is when I have a book full of characters. I have trouble remembering their names. Heck, I have trouble coming up with their names. I start using place markers, like Mr. X (thus the Name That Character Contest) and when there’s yet another character introduced I have to call them Mr. Y. You get the picture. I’ve gone through quite a bit of the alphabet while writing a book this way before I throw up my hands and give into the need to come up with the actual names.

Once I give into the challenge of coming up with character names,  I create a cheat sheet  of course. Then I go on line and browse names. They have to be good ones, meaningful and appropriate. At least that’s what I look for from my contest entries. The names I choose may be a bit more random. I have two rules.

  • Rule one: I must be able to pronounce the name.
  • Rule two: I can’t use the same first letter twice. (the exception here is if I ever write a book with more than 26 characters needing names. Then I probably will name one of them Mr. X.)

But I love memorable character names, the ones that fit and that you couldn’t imagine being anything else. One of my favorites is Jack Reacher, the main character in Lee Child’s thriller series. Love that name—suits the character. Few syllables. Uncomplicated. Blunt. Another character name I love is Scarlet O’Hara. Fiery and sexy. Earthy and unconventional.

What are your favorite character names that work?

NOTE: I’m officially inviting you to enter my Name That Character Contest to name the current Mr. X occupying the story world of my work-in-progress, Beachcomber Investigations. It’s available for pre-order now.

Here’s the blurb for Beachcomber Investigations:CoverBeachcomberInvBook1

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise is desperate to recruit Shana George away from Scotland Yard to partner with him in his new venture, Beachcomber Investigations. She has impressive skills and if he’s honest, he needs her to keep him grounded. But most of all, Dane wants to keep Shana on the island of Martha’s Vineyard because he can’t get past his insane longing for her.

Shana’s boss David Young forces her to decide on the spot when he assigns an important case to Beachcomber Investigations. She chooses to partner with Dane, going with her gut–or more accurately her heart–rather than her brains. They may be good partners in crime-fighting, but they are all wrong for each other in every other way possible. He’s soulless and lost and likely has more wounds from his past than the bullet and knife scars scorching his body. But she’s crazy. About him.

Their big assignment is to protect Dane’s old special ops buddy, Acer. They need to find whoever paid a sniper to take a shot at Acer–before the sniper takes another shot and doesn’t miss.

Dane and Shana need to be on top of their game to keep Acer alive, and not on top of each other. But each of them is secretly worried whether that’s possible–and worried about what will happen if it’s not.

Pre-Order at Amazon

Wedding Season Sale & Giveaway

ODaaW 99cent sale

Now, that June has arrived, Wedding Season has begun. We will all be invited to or hear about this wedding or that, as new couples take a leap of faith and promise to share their lives together.

I love just about everything involved with weddings. Every aspect has the chance to be creative and set a tone for a couples entire day. I could say it sets the tone for their life together, but that seems dramatic. Unless of course, you find yourself fighting and disagreeing on wedding day details, then maybe some further consideration should be taken into a lifelong commitment. 😛

From high budget to backyard vow exchanges, the day can be special and beautiful for everyone. I have no plans to get married again, but if I ever did I have watched enough bridal TV to know what I would want in a wedding; from the gown to the table centerpieces I have a clear picture. I could plan a wedding in no time. Hmmmm….maybe I can have a wedding without the actual marriage, LOL!

All joking aside, weddings are a beautiful moment in time where two love birds ask you to sit in witness of their life and commitment to one another. What an amazing concept and beautiful moment for the couple and their guests. In my newest release with, Forever Red Publishing, I took a few friends, turned some of them into lovers and some of them into combatants and sent them to a couple of weddings to see how guests behave when they are more focused on their own love stories than the bride and groom.

Writing these books was so much fun, because even though they are novellas, I told each couples story from both POV’s and really got to care and love them (Thad is my fav) a little more each book. There is some overlap between the books, which were originally sold separately, because I am telling one couples story from each side. I hope that you will pick up a copy and get to know Cassie, Dan, Thad, and Brianna. They will make you fall for them this Wedding Season, as they fall for each other. My publisher has placed the entire set on sale for ONLY #99cents, until June 15th, 2015 – no better time to get a copy, as it’s normally $3.50. (each book is still available separately, for 99cents each)

There is also a BONUS STORY in this set, detailing how Cassie and Thad met and became an exception to the rule that men and women can’t be friends. Thad is a rake, albeit and honest and kind one, so it does seem odd that he would have a female best friend. But, once you meet them you will see how amazing their friendship and love for one another truly is…I adore their friendship, it might be my favorite relationship in the series!

We would love to hear about your favorite fictional wedding, whether it be a book or a movie; maybe Four Weddings and a Funeral or My Best Friend’s Wedding. Leave a comment with your favorite wedding tale and why you love it so much to be entered to win an eBook copy of my, One Day at a Wedding Series. This giveaway will stay open until June 10th and a winner will be randomly selected and sent their copy, via email, within a few days! 🙂

One Day at a Wedding Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble:
wedding series covers
Wishing you well, in fiction and real life,
Kelly Rae

LIVE!!! Love Blooms on Main Street is LIVE TODAY!


Love Blooms on Main Street

Every flower tells a story. Just as the first fragrant blooms of spring stir the senses, Love Blooms on Main Street is sure to touch your heart. Ranging from sweet to spicy, these stand-alone contemporary romances are inspired by the symbolism of flowers, with each story representing a different flower.

The set can now be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks for the limited time price of 99 cents.

Here’s a closer look at the stories included in Love Blooms on Main Street:

Small Town Hot Shot Bride
by Stephanie Queen, USA Todaybestselling author
Red roses symbolize compassion and romantic love. Tammy is a hot shot in a small town, but she’s tired of getting left behind by guys just passing through. Will she get swept up by charming out-of-towner Roark and his runaway train attraction? Or will she derail him for good?

Perfect Match
by Carol DeVaney,
national bestselling author
Forget-me-nots symbolize true love and remembrance. Sometimes love needs a little push. Can two lonely hearts re-kindle their abandoned passion the second time around?

Heather of His Heart
by Leigh Morgan, national bestselling author

Heather symbolizes admiration, beauty, good luck and protection from danger. Heather has given up on the idea of finding romantic love. Billy never had the idea in the first place. When circumstances throw them together, they find that love, like heather, blooms in the most unlikely places.

To Have & To Hold
by E. Ayers, national bestselling author

Peonies symbolize compassion, happiness and prosperity. When Melissa meets Drexel, she realizes that the estate’s gardener has found something that she’s never had—happiness. But sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be, and she needs to follow her heart.

Love at the Apple Blossom Inn
by Kristy Tate, national bestselling author

Scotch broom symbolizes overwhelming and everlasting love. Small-town girl Janey Tyler falls for Eric Roudell, the quiet and reclusive music teacher. But will she still love him when she discovers he is really Derrick Cordell, the rock star?

Forever Your Valentine
by Susan R. Hughes, national bestselling author

Daisies symbolize loyal love. Attraction crackles between Faith and Cole when they meet, but since Cole’s career takes him on the road most of the year, Faith resolves to keep their relationship platonic. Will one night together ruin their friendship, or could they be falling in love?

Naomi’s Heart
by Pepper Phillips, national bestselling author
Paperwhite narcissus has the most delicious fragrance, bringing spring into the room. Delighted that Ben is back in Boggy Bayou, Naomi teams up with him to enter the Egg Knocking contest. Can they win? Can Naomi figure out why Ben is kissing her? Can her heart stand it if Ben realizes that she’s not what he deserves?

Mother’s Day Babies
by Mona Risk, USA Today bestselling author

White lilies symbolizes virtue.
Can Love Bloom between a powerful TV Director who’s certainly not marriage material and a widow loyal to her late husband?

Call Me Yours
by Kelly Rae, national
bestselling author Hydrangeas symbolize devotion and gratefulness. When Thad finds himself falling for Brianna, the only surprise is how natural it feels. It’s going to take more than words to convince her, but he will do anything to hear her say,Call Me Yours.

Old Enough to Know Better
by Joan Reeves,
national bestselling author
White roses symbolize new beginnings.
Stormy Clarkson, on the brink of fifty, is crushing on sexy Sean Butler. He’s been after her for six months, but she’s resisted every advance. One night he kisses her. That kiss changes everything!

We are all so thrilled to present these stories to you; as we feel strongly about love and relationships and how important a little happily-ever-after can be in a our fictional lives. Enjoy and thank you for being our fans, our friends and our supporters, with each new boxed set we write and publish!

Writer Problems…What’s Your Name Again?

There are a lot of issues that strike authors throughout their career. Deadlines, an over active imagination, days where a story you aren’t even working on interrupts your WIP or days when not a single person living in your head wants to come out to play. So, from writer’s block to multiple personalities – we all have issues.

Recently, I have developed a new tick, of sorts. It is a regular part of my job to create people, to decide what they look like, their mannerisms and silly quirks, and then I name them. Whatever I want to call them, so shall it be!

Thad - Teaser 1This is Thad, he is a smooth talker and a loyal friend. He has a crooked smile and what some might call a devilish grin; all held together with a heart of pure gold and a wicked sense of humor! I named him. I couldn’t imagine him with any other name.

I adore him! I better get back on topic, he is distracting to say the least. 🙂

Back to my new-found problem, a lot of times when I see someone I get an idea of what their name “should” be, you know if I was writing their life. Unfortunately, this is not always the name they actually have. When I am introduced to said person, I am now having a hard time remembering their actual name and instead want to call them the name I feel suits them best. Like the kid on my son’s baseball team who looks like a Jake to me, his name is Logan. Or the high school basketball who I call Todd, even though his name is Josh. It has gotten so bad that my son now knows who I am referring to when I use their name improperly – because it happens so often. LOL

I am not saying that I prefer my imaginary world to the real world; no, no, I would never say that. 🙂 It just seems to bleed over more and more the longer I do this and the more books and characters I have under my belt!

On the bright side it makes life interesting for me and new people I meet and gives my son one more reason to shake his head at his crazy MOM! ❤ Good thing he loves me and has a good memory for names! 😛

facebook cover photo - Weddings

Speaking of characters, Thad and the rest of his wedding crew are all on sale this month of March. Each book in the One Day at a Wedding Series is 99 cents each or you can buy the entire collection for $3.50, which also includes a BONUS STORY, When Cassie Met Thad. It’s a peek into the early days of Cassie (Book One) and Thad’s (Book Three) friendship and why their loyalty and love is so unshakeable and PLATONIC! LOL

$3.50 eBook on Amazon, Barnes&Noble,Kobo and iTunes Paperback $9.26-11.99     (Prices Vary at retailer discretion)

Signed copies are also available on my website, in the shop! :O)

Bride in wedding day in lavender fieldBride in wedding day in lavender field

Thanks for stopping by today and at the very least I hope you get a good chuckle at my expense or maybe even smile knowing you do the same thing. If you have a funny quirk that you have gotten due to your work or life, tell us about it and we can all compare notes. 🙂

Wishing you well, in Fiction and real life!


Kelly Rae

A Balanced Working Parent, Ugh! – Giveaway!l

Triton playing Sax

Triton Playing Sax

Being a mom is my most important job. Everything else and everyone else, comes second. I figure in about a decade I will have a life of my own, LOL! 🙂

Some days this clear-cut statement is harder to navigate that others – I need to work to take care of my child, but I also need to be there for him. And so the balancing act goes like this:

Last Friday I was scheduled to host a Facebook event on Hooks & Books page. Facebook events are fun and a great opportunity to meet and visit with current and new readers. Before I was doing my own, they seemed pretty easy and not all that time-consuming, beyond the 1-2 hours an author was chatting with the group.

The reality is that they take prep work; you have to write the posts ahead of time (well I do), so they are easily accessed and posted in a timely manner to the page. You have to set aside those 1-2 hours with little interruption so you don’t miss anything and/or leave a comment by a valued reader without a like or comment. You have to arrange prizes, get links set up, look for memes or photos of celebs to chat about, some of us make our own memes which takes time, as well. Suddenly, that 1-2 hours is now 3-4 hours where you aren’t writing your new book. So, there is a commitment made. All marketing is time-consuming – writing isn’t just about writing these days. Sad, but true! 🙂

So, back to my event last week. When I set up the event, my calendar was clear. My son’s basketball practice was cancelled, for its usual Friday slot, and so I scheduled the event to discuss my One Day at a Wedding Series. Then my son was asked to move up to the Pep Band and play with the high school kids (along w/ a couple of 8th graders). My son, Triton, is only in 7th grader and picked up an instrument for the first time just this past September. So, it’s a BIG DEAL that he was asked to play in the Pep Band as a first year student. I am very proud of him. The problem…their first game was Friday the 30th.

What is a parent to do? There is some liberation in the fact that I am a writer and essentially I work for myself. I make my schedule. But, I also want to be a succesful writer, one who can be counted on to meet deadlines, show up at events and be available to readers. My first thought was okay; I will set up posts, schedule them, and just do the event from my mobile phone, at the basketball game, while I watch the band. I have actually had to do Facebook events from my iPhone before, due to rescheduled basketball practices or games. So, it’s possible. But my level of engagement is certainly not as high.

Then the mom in me kicked in and said, how great would it to be feeling really special and look up in the stands to make sure your mom is watching you and instead see her looking down at her phone? Not so great. Here is the dilemma for working parents, focus on work to take of the material needs (inc. basic food/water/shelter) AND focus on their emotional well-being. It a choice all parents make, all the time.

In this case I opted to reschedule my event, last-minute, which I felt bad for doing. In an effort to make amends I did offer a giveaway to the site and those that were interested. That giveaway went really well and I was happy to see such a nice response and interest in getting a free copy of my series One Day at a Wedding. Even better was the look of pride on my son’s face, as I watched him play in the high school band. Sitting there in the stands, watching him was the only place I wanted to be. People in our small town were all telling me how great he was and I got to video the band to send home to our family in California. It was a great night and my son was beaming. I sure would have hated to miss that.

It’s a balancing act and the reality is that sometimes we are going to have to pick work over time spent with the kids. It’s just the way the world works, now that we can all access work from home, at night and on the weekends. All parents have to make tough choices, no matter what your line of work is, we face the balance. I am glad that last friday I was able to pick watching a high school band. My kid was awesome.



For a chance to win a copy of the first book in my One Day at a Wedding Series, Once Upon a Wedding, please leave a comment below about your most recent balancing act and a winner will be randomly chosen to win an eBook copy.

For more information about my books please take a moment to check out my website and look me up on Facebook for news about this series, the paperback coming out soon and future work,

Thank you for stopping by today, we always appreciate our readers who visit. Make sure to comment and good luck on winning a free eBook from us today. See you on my next post.

Wishing you well, in fiction and real life

Kelly Rae

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