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Family Traditions

I love family traditions–what ornaments go where on the Christmas tree, the inside jokes that only the family understands, summer evenings with board games, photos, trips, memories. Did you know that scents are the strongest memory makers we have? A … Continue reading

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Family Ties

With the passing of my grandma-by-marriage this week, I’ve given lots of thought to family. My own and my fictional ones in the books I write. At the age of 98, 99 if she had made it to September, Grandma … Continue reading

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Hiatus or Not!!

First, I love writing. Years ago when I started, I would write all-year long. Summer, holidays, vacations, didn’t matter. I wrote. Words, glorious words. I have a writer friend who doesn’t write in the summer, she is an outdoor gal. … Continue reading

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Author Life: It’s Not Always Roses, but I Wouldn’t Change It!

Author life… well hmmm… Just so you know, writers don’t always laze around all day, curled up with their keyboard in a pristine, cozy house… I think for most of us it’s a juggle between our “other lives” and stolen … Continue reading

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Let Your Characters Write Their Story

You’ve heard authors say, “My characters were resisting me” or “My characters ran away with the story.” Some writers complain about that. I call it magic when the characters talk to me and tell me their love story. When I … Continue reading

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A Highwayman by Kristy Tate is Free Today Only – Pick Your Highwayman Up Now

I got the idea for this book one night while watching a documentary on the Salem Witch trials. There was speculation that the hysteria the Puritan girls experienced was caused by poisoned well water, which made me wonder what other … Continue reading

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A Summer Romance to Remember

Have you ever had a summer romance? One that only lasted as long as you were at summer camp or on vacation? I had one of those. When I was a teenager, we did a lot of camping. Our favorite … Continue reading

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