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Hiatus or Not!!

First, I love writing. Years ago when I started, I would write all-year long. Summer, holidays, vacations, didn’t matter. I wrote. Words, glorious words. I have a writer friend who doesn’t write in the summer, she is an outdoor gal. … Continue reading

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Author Life: It’s Not Always Roses, but I Wouldn’t Change It!

Author life… well hmmm… Just so you know, writers don’t always laze around all day, curled up with their keyboard in a pristine, cozy house… I think for most of us it’s a juggle between our “other lives” and stolen … Continue reading

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Let Your Characters Write Their Story

You’ve heard authors say, “My characters were resisting me” or “My characters ran away with the story.” Some writers complain about that. I call it magic when the characters talk to me and tell me their love story. When I … Continue reading

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A Highwayman by Kristy Tate is Free Today Only – Pick Your Highwayman Up Now

I got the idea for this book one night while watching a documentary on the Salem Witch trials. There was speculation that the hysteria the Puritan girls experienced was caused by poisoned well water, which made me wonder what other … Continue reading

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A Summer Romance to Remember

Have you ever had a summer romance? One that only lasted as long as you were at summer camp or on vacation? I had one of those. When I was a teenager, we did a lot of camping. Our favorite … Continue reading

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Weeds Are My Worst Lawn Nightmare

And…I’m sure I’m not alone in the fight to eradicate those nasty unwanted plants. Yes, you can use a lawn service, or you can be stubborn and devote a little (or a lot, depending on the size of your lawn) … Continue reading

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How real is an imaginary home?

The joy of writers is taking an imaginary place and making it real. Continue reading

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