Escape to New Zealand

My latest story collection is on preorder, and will be out on 23 April. All the stories have been published in other collections, but I thought I’d bring together all the stories I’ve set in New Zealand so far.

Inside the covers, you’ll find two historicals and the three contemporary romantic suspence novellas I’ve written for Authors of Main Street. Pick up your copy to escape to New Zealand for a mental holiday.

(All the covers except A Family Christmas are by my friend Mari Christie. Aren’t they gorgeous?)

The historicals

Step into the 1860s in All That Glisters, set in Dunedin at the time of the first gold rushes. It was first published in Hand-Turned Tales.

Rose is unhappy in the household of her fanatical uncle. Thomas, a young merchant from Canada, offers a glimpse of another possible life. If she is brave enough to reach for it.



Forged in Fire is set in geothermal country just outside of Rotorua in 1886, and was first published in the Bluestocking Belles’ collection Never Too Late.

Forged in fire, their love will create them anew.

Burned in their youth, neither Tad nor Lottie expected to feel the fires of love. The years have soothed the pain, and each has built a comfortable, if not fully satisfying, life, on paths that intersect and then diverge again.

But then the inferno of a volcanic eruption sears away the lies of the past and frees them to forge a future together.

The contemporaries

These were all previously published in collections by Authors of Main Street.

A Family ChristmasShe’s hiding out. He’s coming home. And there’ll be storms for Christmas.

Kirilee is on the run, in disguise, out of touch, and eating for two. Rural New Zealand has taken this Boston girl some getting used to, but her husband’s family and her new community have accepted her into their hearts. Just as well, since she’s facing Christmas and the birth of her baby without the man who wed her and sent her into hiding. What will he think when he comes home and discovers he’s a father?

Trevor is heading home for Christmas, after three years undercover, investigating a global criminal organization. He hasn’t spoken to his sister and grandfather since the case began. He hasn’t spoken to Kirilee, his target’s sister, since the day nearly nine months ago he married her and helped her escape. Will she want to stay married? And if so, will he?

In the heart of a storm, two people from different worlds question what divides and what unites them.



Abbie’s Wish: Abbie’s Christmas wish draws three men to her mother. One of them is a monster.

After too many horrifying experiences, Claudia Westerson has given up on men. She’s done everything possible to exorcise the men in her life, short of changing her name and appearance. They’re unpredictable, controlling and, worst of all, dangerous. Besides, all her energies are devoted to therapy for her daughter, Abbie, who is recovering from a brain injury.

But after Abbie is photographed making a wish for Christmas, Claudia begins receiving anonymous threats, proving her quiet refuge is not nearly hidden enough.

Who can she trust? Three men hope to make her theirs:

  • Jack, the driver from her daughter’s accident
  • Ethan, her daughter’s biological father
  • Rhys, a local school teacher and widower.

They all sound sincere, but which one isn’t?



Beached: The truth will wash away her coastal paradise

Grieving for the grandparents who raised her and still bruised from betrayals in New York City, Nikki Watson returns to her childhood home in Valentine Bay.

Zee Henderson has built a new life in New Zealand: friends, a job he enjoys and respect he earned for himself, without the family name and money he left behind.

The attraction between Nikki and Zee flames into passion, until Zee’s past arrives on their doorstep and washes away their coastal paradise.

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Taking stock and moving on

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, winter has arrived with a vengeance. We had an extended summer, about a week of autumn then bang. Or rather, blow. And rain, and snow, and cold — oh the cold.

I’ve been hunkered down finishing novellas. First Beached for our Summer Romance on Main Street, out later this week. Then Paradise Regained for the Bluestocking Belles box set, due out later this year. Paradise Regained is a prequel to my (barely started) series Children of the Mountain King, in which a duke returns to Regency England with six children whose mother was — ethnically interesting. Paradise Regained tells the parents’ story, in the Kopet Dag mountains between Iran and Turkmenistan.

Now they’re both out the door, I’m taking some time to catch up with chapters in Never Kiss a Toad, the Victorian historical I’m co-writing with Mariana Gabriella and posting one chapter at a time on Wattpad. We’re in the last third of the book, and Mariana has written her chapters all the way to the end.

Never Kiss a Toad is a story of star-crossed lovers. The daughter of my rake from my Regency novels has known the son of her rake from her Regency novel Royal Regard since they were babies. They have always thought they would one day marry — right up until the day that her father catches them together in the heir’s wing of his house — in the bed to which he used to bring his women in his wild days.

Mari’s poor fellow is exiled (to university in France), and the rest of the book is about how one thing after another happens to keep the two apart.

Once I’ve caught up with Mari, I have a list of other projects, including one tentatively called The Daddy Wish. It’s a romantic suspense, if I can do such a thing in 30,000 words or less. How does this sound for the next Authors of Main Street Christmas set?

She has given up on men. After several unpleasant experiences, she no longer trusts her judgement. Besides, all her energies are devoted to therapy for her daughter, who is recovering from a brain injury.

Three men hope to change her mind. One of them is a villain.

The man who was driving when her daughter was injured fears she will never forgive him.

Her daughter’s biological father hopes he can convince her he has changed. He was once her best friend until his own sports injuries stopped his promising career and trapped him in a downward spiral of self-pity, drugs, and alcohol.

The local police officer, a widower with two young children, thinks she could be just what his family needs.

It’ll be set in New Zealand again. Oh, and the wish of the title starts the story. The daughter sees the mother struggling, and wishes for a daddy.