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My Kindle Scout Experience

**Spoiler Alert** I didn’t get picked for a publishing contract. LOL I’ve been doing this indie author thing since 2011 and I like to try new things, so I thought I would give Kindle Scout a try. Best case-publishing contract. … Continue reading

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Plotting and Planning

There are two schools of thought for writing a book; plotting and pantsing (writing by the seat of your pants). I’m very much a Type A personality. Hence, lots of plotting. When I go to plot a story, it looks … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Dane & Shana

Meet Dane Blaise & Shana George, partners in Beachcomber Investigations on Martha’s Vineyard and two of my favorite people. This charismatic couple—or non-couple as the case may be—will answer some probing questions to help us get to know them. Then … Continue reading

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The Author’s Promise

An author’s promise lets you know, as a reader, what you get when you get that author’s books. A guarantee that their book will be what you expect from them. Mine is: A little sweet. A little sexy. A lot … Continue reading

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Don’t you love book series?

It seems that readers these days are wired for series. The “more is better” way of thinking–and reading–is alive and well. Even Myren, my chauffeur, can’t stop at just one–book that is. (He also has multiple cars, come to think … Continue reading

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The City by the Bay with Friends Along the Way

Recently, my family and I did something we’d never done before. We planned an actual vacation that didn’t revolve around travel baseball or returning home to visit with family and friends. With three votes cast, a drive down California’s Pacific … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time…in Serendipity

Since last time I wrote a blog here, a “book birthday” has come and gone. Taylor Kincaid’s story, Once Upon a Time, released on June 8th. Most of this year’s deadlines have been related to group projects, and Taylor’s story … Continue reading

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