Celtic Celebration & Prayer

The third week of August marks the last few weeks of summer here in Wisconsin. It’s also four of the best days of the year for me.


The World’s Largest Celtic Festival, Milwaukee Irish Fest, ran last Thursday through Sunday at Milwaukee’s Summerfest Grounds. This is not only a celebration of my family’s culture, it is time I spend every year with those I love – singing, dancing, volunteering, eating, drinking and praying. It is at its heart a celebration of life and love and everything that binds us together.


In honor of that spirit, I’ll leave you with an ancient Celtic prayer called: “The Deer’s Cry” (also known as: St. Patrick’s Breastplate”).

I arise today

Through the strength of heaven, light of sun,

Radiance of moon,

Splendor of fire,

Speed of lightning,

Swiftness of wind,

Depth of sea,

Stability of earth,

Firmness of rock.

Love & light,



Summer Magic

2016-06-12 18.12.37-1Summer is a magical time in Wisconsin. There are festivals in Milwaukee, many at the lakefront, and plenty to enjoy outdoors.

2015-09-05 16.23.36

Not to mention the Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Festivals that dot the summer weekends with camaraderie and Highland joy.


Then there are the gardens…..

I tend to stress over work, over writing, over political platforms and whether those in need will be cared for, my children and their wellbeing…damn, there’s always something worth stressing about along with plenty that isn’t worth the worry.


When I stress, I garden. I love time in the garden. I love sipping coffee in the morning and tea at night (or single malt) among the blooms.

What helps you celebrate the season? How do you decompress and de-stress?

I’d love to hear from you – I’m always looking for ideas.



Christmas wishes




Christmastime for me is filled with emotion. I am a Celt by birth and spiritual affiliation, so perhaps this comes with the territory. Everything seems to have meaning during this contemplative time of year. The nights are lengthening, daylight is precious and bustling with activity. Work becomes frantic as the calendar year comes to a close. Celebrations last the month, or more, and are filled with friendship, family and hope for the coming light and the New Year.

There is magic in theses moments. Magic to be shared.


Every story I write has some element of magic—that power that thought, intention, and action bring, especially when the spark of the Divine enters the mix. Words carry power, so let us use them! I believe in Christmas wishes—their power to heal both the wisher and the recipient.

Here is my wish for you, from Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom, by John O’Donohue. I’ve combined a few of his Blessings, and although the words are his, this wish for you is mine.


 A Friendship Blessing

 May the light of your soul guide you.

May you be blessed with good friends.

May you learn to be a good friend yourself.

May you be able to journey to that place in your soul where there is great love, warmth, feeling, and forgiveness.

May you never be isolated, but always be in the gentle nest of belonging with your anam cara (soul friend)

May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light, and renewal to those who work with you and to those who see and receive your work.

May the day never burden.

May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams, possibilities, and promises.

May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.

May you go into the night blessed, sheltered and protected.

May your soul calm, console, and renew you.


May every word be granted to you!

If you believe in the magic of Christmas wishes, please give one in the comment section—and may all your wishes come true this Yuletide Season!




Entranced Halloween

Announcing the Entranced Box Set.

Halloween 3DI am pleased to be a part of this Halloween themed box set.

Halloween is huge for Celts everywhere, and I am no exception to that truism.


The Celts call Halloween, Samhain (sow-in). It is one of the largest of the Celtic Fire Festivals, and it marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year – a time to honor our dead, reflect on the past year, and embrace the coming year with hope and renewed energy.

It is also a time of faerie magic.

In Scottish lore, if you had a loved one taken into the faerie realm, you could go into that realm on Samhain and retrieve them.

Mid-day Masquerade-2

My contribution to the Entranced Box Set is: MIDDAY MASQUERADE – A Shute Pond Novella. It is filled with faerie magic and lore. I love this season and its mystical, magical, and mysterious elements, many of which are woven into MIDDAY MASQUERADE.

Here’s a short blurb:

Thanks to an ancient curse, for Primrose Scott, finding love and not keeping it, could prove deadly. So, Prim chooses to hide behind the fire burning within her, behind her plain exterior and “not interested” vibe. Keeping herself in check, and potential loves at bay, is easy, if less than satisfying, until she meets Lorcan Flynn.

Lorcan Flynn loves hard when he loves, without thought and without fear – at least he used to. Left broken from his first wife’s defection, Lorcan fled Ireland and settled far away, from Dublin’s busy streets, in Shute Pond, Wisconsin. It is there he practices his eco-architecture and creates leather masks he is compelled to bring to life by a cloaked woman who haunts his dreams. Lorcan is content in his quiet life, until he meets Primrose Scott.

Can two lost people conquer a curse? Can a mask help release their inner desires? With a little push from a long-dead fallen faerie, two interfering demi-faeries, and one Irish father, will Primrose and Lorcan shed their masks and find happily ever after? Will they find a way to conquer fear, open their hearts, and let love in?

IMG_5477 IMG_5539

Both of these were taken last weekend. Left, I’m with my daughter at a Samhain celebration in Madison and on the right, I’m dressed to go to the pumpkin farm with my son.

2014-10-15 09.08.17

Every year I wear a Witch’s hat. This is my newest complete with butterflies underneath and on top. I love it!


For a chance to win this lovely Entranced wine glass, join Leigh Morgan’s Minions on Facebook and tell me about your favorite Halloween tradition, memory, costume or anything else you love about this last harvest festival. In the alternative, in honor of the Celtic New Year, join Leigh Morgan’s Minions on Facebook and tell me your goal, desire or hope for the coming year and what you wish to leave behind from the past year.

Good Luck! Happy Halloween! Much love to you all! Blessed Be!