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Found Novel

While going through my files today, I found several novels that are all but completed. Here is one that I particularly like because it involves a child. Stories of children are close to my heart. I hope you enjoy reading … Continue reading

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Let’s take a look at my upcoming book for Authors of Main Street’s 2017 Christmas boxed set. I’m having a great time writing this book.  Children make Christmas, and this story is no different. Ellie Newsome’s marriage is crumbling, and … Continue reading

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“Real” Moms and Their Kids

“I don’t think she misses those kids at all. They weren’t her real kids, you know. They were adopted. You can tell she never loved them–not the way she loves the kids she had naturally with her new husband.” This … Continue reading

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Raising happy children

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.”~ Everett Koop How do we help our children become happy and healthy adults while promoting well being, positivity, and connection as they are growing up … Continue reading

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Did you make some New Year resolutions?

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, make a forget-about-it list! It’s much more productive. Let’s face it, most of us all want to lose 15 pounds, but do you really want to join that gym and knock yourself out for … Continue reading

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Children in books

Homework was done but Nine-year-old couldn’t watch her usual fun shows as Grandpa was monopolizing the TV with his boring news about some hearing. So what can a Nine-year-old do when she has nothing to do and it’s not bedtime … Continue reading

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Vacation, Beach, and Children

It’s almost hard for me to comprehend not being at the beach, but I’m sure there are tons of children and adults who will be visiting the shore for the first time ever! For one of our authors here on … Continue reading

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