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What’s in a Name Anyway? By Stephanie Queen

Myren, my chauffeur, will tell you names aren’t important, but I disagree (he isn’t particularly fond of his name, so it’s a sour grapes thing with him and probably why he goes by some other crazy nickname which I can’t … Continue reading

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Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments I’ve known for a number of years my mom had memory problems, but chalked it up to her ripe old age of 91 this year. She’s lived with us now for thirteen months and I’ve seen a gradual … Continue reading

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Apocalypse on Main Street–Be Prepared

Image by Jonas DeRo It could happen. Just because in the movies Godzilla or the Martians or the plague attack New York City doesn’t mean it can’t happen right on Main Street. Zombies especially have a predilection for turning up … Continue reading

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