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You Can’t Edit a Blank Page

Have you ever looked at a brand new blank page and told yourself you have to write. Probably not, but too often that happens to authors. Faced with three novellas for boxed sets that need to be completed this summer, … Continue reading

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Before Hitting The Publish Button

There’s a ton of last minute craziness that happens in the Indie World of publishing, or well, maybe I should say for those who take the whole concept of indie publishing seriously. We’ve all had our books professionally edited, but … Continue reading

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Writing as Fast as I Can

I’ve had one deadline slamming against the other, and I’ve been slightly nuts with all of them. My stories have permeated my dreams and half the time I can’t remember which characters have done what! To make it worse, I’m … Continue reading

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Seems I’m Always Behind

No matter what, I can never get caught up. I wonder how other people do it. As a teen, I was active in sports. I did whatever, came home and studied. Most weekends were spent doing reports and studying for … Continue reading

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It’s All About Character

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I was going to blog about. Oh, I’d thought about it, albeit in the back of mind, all month. I’ve been hitting the edits and re-writes for Defending Destiny … Continue reading

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