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“Real” Moms and Their Kids

“I don’t think she misses those kids at all. They weren’t her real kids, you know. They were adopted. You can tell she never loved them–not the way she loves the kids she had naturally with her new husband.” This … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions!

If you’ve ever tried to find the best recipe for Shepard’s Pie, you’ll understand how much time it takes to find the right one for you and your family.   Some use ground beef, or a mixture or ground beef … Continue reading

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Cooking with Stephanie Queen

Don’t go by what Myren, my chauffeur, says about my cooking. I’m no pro, but I have my moments of deliciousness in the kitchen. Especially when I get hungry. Then I can really cook. I think I got my penchant … Continue reading

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Please Welcome

This year the authors on Main Street decided to invite Nan O’Berry to join our Christmas boxed set. If you are a western reader, you probably know about her. Nan is local to me and has been a published author … Continue reading

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Becoming an Orphan

I lost my parents within 11 months of one another. Both required care before their deaths and refused all but family assistance – mostly from me and my family. I am the oldest of three children and the only daughter, … Continue reading

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It’s Historic Cowboy Time Again

Yep, I did it! I wrote another historic book. When I write the word historic to me sounds as though I just did something epic. No! I wrote a book about two people struggling in the west. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Grandparents are Special

Our grandparents were part of the backbone of our country. They worked hard to bring up their families and prepare them for their future. Children watched their parents, whether they were aware or not, and learned dedication and the love … Continue reading

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