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Destination Planes, Trains & …

It’s field trip Friday! Although I live in Chicagoland, we are not heading toward the city! Say what? Aren’t all the best attractions located somewhere close to the Chicago city limits? Nope! So slam on the brakes, lay down a … Continue reading

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I admit it. I’m going to need therapy.

I’ve prepared for this moment for eighteen years now. But in these last few hours as a mom with a senior in high school, come Saturday, I know I’m going to completely fall apart. Sure, after twenty-four weeks of puking … Continue reading

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Change is in the Air

At 50+ years old, one usually thinks their life is how it will be. The children are raised. You are enjoying the grandkids. Life is cruising along…and then this happens! I moved to California from Maryland when I was 7 … Continue reading

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So I’ve Finished Another First Draft…Now What?

Yup! That’s how I feel when I’ve finally made it to the end of another story. But what happens now? Every author has their own process they go through. I thought I’d see if I could pinpoint how I get … Continue reading

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Ebb & Flow

The perks of owning your own business are plentiful; like making your own schedule and generally liking your boss! 😀  People don’t always understand or see being a writer as a business. Granted, some of my work is sold through … Continue reading

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The Autumn of our Lives – Jill James

We are often told that age is just a number. That is easier said than done when your daughter will be 33 next month and your grandson (gasp!) will be 12…a hop, skip, and a jump from teenage-dom. How did … Continue reading

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Seems I’m Always Behind

No matter what, I can never get caught up. I wonder how other people do it. As a teen, I was active in sports. I did whatever, came home and studied. Most weekends were spent doing reports and studying for … Continue reading

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