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Small Goals

It’s a brand new year, a time when people traditionally make resolutions to do things better. But how many people actually keep their resolutions? It’s too easy to slip back into old habits. And maybe January isn’t the best time … Continue reading

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My Year of More

Before Christmas there were a bunch of memes on Facebook about your word for the year. A power word that would define your year to come. I chose mine. More!! More writing. More reading. More exercise. More healthy eating. More … Continue reading

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New Year Goal – Read More!

When it comes to resolutions, I generally make a list and spend the rest of the year beating myself up for not achieving them or achieving marginally. NOT QUITE UP TO PAR. Well NOT this year. I have more modest … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays, and Size Does Count

We hope that no matter what you celebrate that the season has been kind to you. I think the Authors of Main Street took a few days off from posting this month.  The holidays sort of all come together in … Continue reading

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2017 – The Year of More

I am proclaiming 2017 my year of More. I’m grabbing for the brass ring, climbing to the top of the mountain, aiming for the moon, kicking butt, and taking names. My best friend gave me a Wish Pot one Christmas … Continue reading

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Get More Readers? A New Year To-Do List

Today, I’m going to speak (or technically, write) writer-to-writer (and to heck with Myren, my recalcitrant chauffeur who doesn’t give a twit about the writing life or business—or come to think of it—he doesn’t care much about chauffeuring either. Hmm. … Continue reading

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Facing A New Year as an Author

Facing a new year, we all sort of stop and take stock of where we are in our writing careers. It was two years ago that idea for the Authors of Main Street was formed. It took a few months … Continue reading

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