I Love Fall. How about you?

Fall is finally here!

Except our days are still in the 90’s, but the evenings are cool and so refreshing. It is relaxing to sit on the deck and watch the squirrels scamper around and hide their food for upcoming winter.

The other day our community cat gave the squirrels a run for their money! Such is nature. Just so you know, all the squirrels were safe.

After a time, the cat stretched across the shaded grass and licked his paws. He was done. At least for the moment.



Fall has an energizing influence on me. I always wonder what’s around the next bend, so I’m anxious to get started. Place your coffee cup on one of the posts beside mine, button up your sweater, and jog down the lane with me. Breathe in crisp, cool air and enjoy a peaceful jog or a walk in the woods.

Perhaps we’ll run across a rock-laden stream to dip our toes into. I’m definitely reminded of The Smoky Mountains. One of my favorite places to unwind. One of my books is A Smoky Mountain Christmas, of course set in the Smokies.



Isn’t this Cornucopia beautiful? They make such delightful decorations. Which reminds me, it’s time for a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. Warm and spicy from the oven, and the entire house has an incredible aroma. Maybe I’ll bake one or the other today. Who knows?

Our Authors of Main Street latest anthology, tentatively entitled Christmas Cookies, is scheduled for release some time in October, 2019. We’ll post when the book releases.

My contribution for the set is CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS. – which is the fourth and last book in the APPLE LAKE series. 

I hope you enjoy Luke and Ellie’s journey!

Christmas Blessings (small)



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What are your favorite things to do through Fall?

I wish you Music, Butterflies and most of all Love. 

Fall Has Arrived

Fall came in ever so gently this year. The evenings cooled down some, yet the days remain hot and muggy. It’s a beautiful time of year.

Leaves from our neighbor’s trees, as well as ours, cover our yard in a variety of shades. From toned down yellow, to orange, to brown. They’re all lovely. Except when I spend hours blowing leaves from the deck. Lol


Who doesn’t love to go apple picking? Or you can visit the nearest apple farm where apples are picked for you. You may find a new favorite apple. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to walk away with a smile.


We have several apple farms in Georgia. Most of them make apple everything. From cider, apple jelly, jam, apple/pepper relish, to fresh apple pies. Those are only the beginning of apple recipes. It’s hard to resist farms that have a bakery. The scent of warm apple mixed with cinnamon is mouth watering. Throw out your diet when you place your order.  


Then there’s The Pumpkin Patch! Always a pleasure to walk through with the kids. They  have so much fun and the look on their faces is priceless when they gaze at a pumpkin, sometimes, almost as large as they are. Add visiting a pumpkin patch to your calendar, and don’t forget the corn maze.

Then, oh then is a day spent riding through the mountains and trekking up the mountain to reach a glorious waterfall. I’m so ready for a trip to the mountains.


Can you tell I love Fall and the mountains? There’s something about Fall that’s invigorating and sets the mood for exercise.

Speaking of the mountains…The Trouble with Wishes, my upcoming Christmas story in Christmas Wishes on Main Street, is set in the North Georgia Mountains. My character is about to take her friend’s children to an Apple Farm. Yes, they’re having fun…but who knows what else could happen? Stay tuned!

How do you spend your Fall weekends?  No matter what it is, have fun and be safe!

Until next time…I wish you Music, Butterflies and Most of all…Love.

I love Autumn!

fall-leaves-treeIt’s fall here in Virginia, USA, and I love this time of year. The weather is almost perfect. Cool evenings and crispy days that are still sun warmed. Pumpkins and gourds are everywhere.

I love it so much I wrote about it. A Skeleton at Her Door isn’t a Halloween story – it’s a love story. It just happens to take place during autumn. It starts a few pumpkinsdays before Halloween and ends shortly after Thanksgiving.

book coverI don’t want to spoil the story for anyone but the first scene is based on a real life situation. I opened my door to a skeleton! Then I did that whole what if and wrote the story. It’s a slightly sexy little story about two single parents finding love the second time around, overcoming fears, dealing with teens,  a little girl, and learning to trust again.

I’ve been incredibly busy trying to get several books out and it now looks like I’ll have release dates around the first of November.cover copy

I’ll start with the really big news. The Authors of Main Street have banded together and are creating a boxed set of eleven (11) holiday books! Each with a holiday theme from your favorite authors, Mona Risk, Tori Scott, Kelly Rae, Jill James, Kristy Tate, Carol DeVaney, Pepper Phillips, Susan R. Hughes, Stephanie Queen, Leigh Morgan, and me ( E. Ayers).  Yes, eleven books and it’ll be a super deal! Look for it around November 1. I promise we’ll have links to it on this blog as soon as it goes live!

I’ve got a short story in Debra Holland’s Christmas anthology, Sweetwater Springs Christmas, set in 1895, Montana. Scheduled for release in November.

I’ll have a historical novel that will be out the end of October that follows the story that is in the Sweetwater Springs Christmas, and it still does not have a title or a cover. You don’t need to read the one to read the other, but I do hope you read both. They are tales of two sisters, each with her own story. I promise to post the cover in our little widget as soon as I have it available.EQ Xmas

I have another very short contemporary piece in A Holiday Anthology by the Exquisite Quills that will be available free in most e-book stores around the beginning of November.

And if I ever catch my breath, I’ll have that historic diary ready to be released around Christmas.

Yes, I love holidays! Can’t you tell?

A pink ribbon to remind you!

A pink ribbon to remind you!

And don’t forget October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Have you had a mammogram in the last year? They aren’t what the used to be. The new digital imaging makes them so much easier! It could save your life. Make that appointment.

For those of you who live closer to the equator, I’m sorry that you will miss out on all the beautiful fall foliage, freshly roasted chestnuts, and crunchy apples. The farm fields near me look as though snow has fallen, but it’s the cotton that had ripened and is ready to be harvested. The soybeans fields are turning a golden color, and the peanuts will soon be tossed from the ground. There are corn mazes, hayrides, and pumpkins to be carved.

And don’t forget to connect with me on Twitter. All this month I’m tweeting Halloween jokes. (The kind you can share witjack o lanternh the children. They’ll giggle and you’ll groan!)


Halloween is coming! Happy reading.