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Second Chance stories intrigue me. I love reading stories of lost and found relationships. So much can happen in the in-between years.

I’m familiar with a couple who, in their younger years, double dated and each went on to marry other loves. Life rocked on. They each had children, both lost their partners to passing away. Both in their sixties, they found each other again through friends. After dating a few months, they fell in love and married.

The rest is history. True love won out. I’m so happy for them.

Christmas at the Granger Inn develops around a teen couple who lost each other due to a misunderstanding and unwillingness to forgive.

A class reunion brings them together again after they’d each married and lost their spouses.

Old feelings arise in both of them, but only one is willing to grant their forgotten love another chance.

Christmas at the Granger Inn Available at Amazon
A Sweet Christmas Romance.
A reunion, a ghost and second chance at love.

When a ten-year high school reunion tosses two-year grieving widow, Sydney Hall, and her first love, a widower, Cole Meyers, back together, the weekend turns into a fiasco. Seeing Cole again leaves Sydney with a strong reservation of what she wants, but refuses to acknowledge those feelings.

Cole vows nothing will stand in the way of winning Sydney back. The Inn’s matchmaker ghost conspires to get them together, along with a request to solve the mystery surrounding the ghost’s death.

To risk facing what tore them apart could promise a new place they can both call home.


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A New Author of Main Street: Magdalena Scott


Hello! I’m thrilled to be a new member here on Authors of Main Street. When I was invited to write a guest post for February, I immediately felt at home. Imagine my pleasure at being asked to become part of this wonderful group of writers!


Since you may not have “met” me before, I thought I should do a little intro today. I’m a lifelong “small town girl,” having grown up in a corner of the Midwest that most people have never heard of, let alone visited. I’m also a USA Today Bestselling author of small town sweet romance and women’s fiction.

If each of our lives is a book, I’m in the second chapter of mine.

In the first chapter, I grew up in a loving family, made lifelong friendships starting at age one year, two months, and three days old–when the next girl cousin was born. I fell in love with writing stories as soon as I learned cursive. My first publishing credit was in second grade–a haiku in a national Sunday school magazine.

I was blessed to live my own small town love story, and during 30 years of marriage to the smartest, most unique man I’ve ever met, became Mom to a wonderful son. The end of chapter one was becoming a widow when my husband died from a brain tumor.

Rose On Wood BW

Add Minimalist-in-Training to my Resume

My second chapter has included downsizing from the big family home to a studio apartment, writing full-time,  and becoming mother-in-law to an amazing young woman. I also found a second chance romance. (Good to know those don’t just happen in novels!)


I love to travel, and in autumn 2015 took an unexpected, dream-come-true trip to Ireland with one of those lifelong friends I mentioned. But my fulltime residence is still in small town America, where life in the slow lane includes plenty of heartwarming, simple pleasures–concerts, plays, festivals, street fairs, and old-fashioned family recipes shared at reunions or backyard barbecues. I’ve seen my town be at its best when family, friends, and often the entire community pull together as life’s challenges threaten.

I currently have two small town contemporary romance series available for readers. All the books are wholesome romance (also known as clean, or sweet).

The heartwarming stories of SERENDIPITY, INDIANA: This series is set in, and around, the Standish family Christmas tree farm. Each Serendipity story includes one or more instances of the life-changing magic of Love. (More concrete thinkers may see these as random coincidences.) The Serendipity series contains sweet romance, and also romantic women’s fiction (Emily’s Dreams, The Blank Book). The Blank Book and A Piece of Her Soul also have a light paranormal element. Seven books are available now, with the eighth scheduled to release on June 1st.

The McClains of Legend, Tennesee

The small town charm of THE McCLAINS OF LEGEND, TENNESSEE: This series invites readers into the lives and loves of the large, sometimes exasperating, and always entertaining McClain family, to whom Legend has been home for generations.

If you want to learn more about me, please visit my blog and/or my website. To get all the latest news, and the occasional nifty perk, sign up for my monthly-ish newsletter.

Until we meet again–happy reading!


What If…My Dream Realized!!

When I was 12 I won a Young Authors Award for a story I wrote about a young girl who lost her father to a drunk driver. I am not sure if it was the praise of the award that first gave me the writing bug(I tended to REALLY enjoy being good at things! 🙂 ) or if it was just there, always waiting for me to be ready. What I can tell you is that over the years writing has been what I love to do most. I do it for pleasure; for therapy, and although some days now, that I do it as a career, there is also pain…it’s all I want to do forever, AMEN!

What If…is my debut published work. It was released this Tuesday, May 1st. The weeks up until the release and even today as you read this post, my tummy has been in a loop de loop formation, flipping from excited to nervous, in mere moments. The reception has been fantastic to my work. I am so pleased and honored to have my words bringing emotion to others. Talk about dream fulfillment. So, thank you to everyone who has already taken a chance on a new girl in the book game and also to those of you who might! I am blessed and honored to be a WRITER!!

What If…is a story of hope and forgiveness. Katie Wright is the kind of woman who hasn’t needed anyone, since the day she decided she didn’t need anyone. She works hard, she plays hardly ever, never stopping long enough to notice she is lonely. She is like a lot of women I know, she got burned once or twice by loss and/or heartbreak. So, she has decided that anything that makes her feel, is inherently bad. Focused on work and climbing the ladder in her professional life, she has managed to avoid personal relationships. Be it friends or lovers.

When Katie’s professional life leads her back to a small town, she is all too familiar with, things get complicated. While things are moving along very well professionally she starts to see holes in her life, where she didn’t before. Suddenly, her failing personal life is illuminated and fear sets in, big time. There is, of course, a man involved. But, isn’t there always. 🙂

Chris Staller is a lot like the Tim McGraw song Real Good Man. As a teen Chris didn’t always make the best choices, when it came to girls. Katie remembers how he was back then and by the looks of him these days, gorgeous as can be, she can’t imagine he is any different now. The more Chris tries to show her the man he is, in an effort to erase the boy he was, the harder she pushes back at him.

Oh the games we play to keep our hearts safe. Who will win; the hard-hitting lawyer and her tough shell or the hot P.E. teacher with the killer smile and smooth ways?? I love these characters, often times when you write the people who you make up, become a real. I see them and their behavior in people I know and smile. They are my good friends and I hope they become yours, as well!

What If… is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Smashwords in ebook format. You can also get a print copy at my Createspace eStore or on Amazon. Please see all links below and check out an excerpt of What If…





Thank you so much for stopping into my little shop, here on Main Street. I look forward to more posts, more books and more writing.

All the best,

Kelly Rae