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The City by the Bay with Friends Along the Way

Recently, my family and I did something we’d never done before. We planned an actual vacation that didn’t revolve around travel baseball or returning home to visit with family and friends. With three votes cast, a drive down California’s Pacific … Continue reading

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Destination Planes, Trains & …

It’s field trip Friday! Although I live in Chicagoland, we are not heading toward the city! Say what? Aren’t all the best attractions located somewhere close to the Chicago city limits? Nope! So slam on the brakes, lay down a … Continue reading

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A New Author of Main Street: Magdalena Scott

  Hello! I’m thrilled to be a new member here on Authors of Main Street. When I was invited to write a guest post for February, I immediately felt at home. Imagine my pleasure at being asked to become part … Continue reading

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What’s your sign?

Inspiration comes to me from many avenues when I’m attuned to them. Sometimes, I’m just not in tune. That’s when paying attention to signs helps. Sometimes stories just smack you on the head…if you read the signs. Here are some … Continue reading

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Reality and Fiction

Since I just returned from a bus tour of Central Europe, I have decided to share with you this exhilarating experience, a marathon visit of Frankfurt, Weimar, Berlin in Germany; Poznan, Warsaw, Jasna Gora, Auschwitz, Krakow, in Poland: Budapest in … Continue reading

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From Sea to Shining Sea

O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!   This song … Continue reading

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How to write a Love Scene

A couple years ago, I attended a fantastic presentation by Angela Knights on how to write a good sex scene. Here is more or less what Angela said—I hope I got it right, Angela.  Love scenes illustrate the development of … Continue reading

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