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Minimalist Road Trip Vacation

I love to travel, but when 2017 arrived the purse strings and I didn’t expect to go much further than Indianapolis, for a summer wedding to be held in the state capital building. (It was beautiful! See the dome!) In … Continue reading

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Kindle Scout

Thank you so much for nominating A BRIDE FOR PRINCE PAUL. I had fun writing this story and hope you enjoyed reading the excerpt posted on Kindle Scout. My book was published two days ago on Amazon. It’s on sale … Continue reading

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Vacation, Beach, and Children

It’s almost hard for me to comprehend not being at the beach, but I’m sure there are tons of children and adults who will be visiting the shore for the first time ever! For one of our authors here on … Continue reading

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The Life of a Writer

Ah, the glorious life of a writer. Sitting by the pool drinking cute fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them while watching the pool boy, Illya, check the pH, I hear the hum of the mower. That means Sergio will … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories

Have you ever felt that heaven or hell is conspiring against you? As I struggled to upload my newly released novel, The Rhyme’s Library, I knew that I had either demons sitting on my shoulder giggling gleefully at my frustration, … Continue reading

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Escaping Reality in the Pages of a Book

How many times have you escaped into the pages of a book to get away from the realities of life? Whether it’s stress, marital problems, money problems, or just plain boredom, books offer us a chance to turn off the … Continue reading

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