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Depression and Empathy – the writer connection

The views in this post are solely my own and are in no way a scientific or medical paper. –Jill Go to any writers group loop, bulletin board, or meeting and you will find a plethora of ailments; mental and … Continue reading

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I Wrote Ten Thousand Words Today!

Umm…no. I didn’t. Lots of times on Facebook and Twitter, I’ll see posts from authors who crow about how many words they wrote that day. And I’m happy for them. Really. I’m just not one of them. I never will … Continue reading

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Memories Are Priceless

Memories are like jewels in a box. Take them out. Let them glisten through your fingertips. Watch as the sunlight or candlelight shoots sparks of color. Every event in your life is a memory to savor and protect. Each one … Continue reading

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2017 – The Year of More

I am proclaiming 2017 my year of More. I’m grabbing for the brass ring, climbing to the top of the mountain, aiming for the moon, kicking butt, and taking names. My best friend gave me a Wish Pot one Christmas … Continue reading

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Get More Readers? A New Year To-Do List

Today, I’m going to speak (or technically, write) writer-to-writer (and to heck with Myren, my recalcitrant chauffeur who doesn’t give a twit about the writing life or business—or come to think of it—he doesn’t care much about chauffeuring either. Hmm. … Continue reading

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A Very Full Month

First! A great big huge THANK YOU to all my readers who sent Loving Ellen to the top of the Historical Fiction in Kindle World for two months. Sharing the #1 and the #2 spot with Nan O’Berry was wonderful. … Continue reading

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Never too late for change

This past Monday, my husband decided to make a change in our lives and close his architectural office to take a position as the Director of Project Development with a local construction contractor. He joked that it would be his … Continue reading

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