Lizzi Tremayne


I grew up in a very Main Street town in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the West Coast, where the narrow little road had to curve around the redwoods to get anywhere at all. Half a world away, my love for Main Street towns still shows no signs of diminishing.

I began my career as an equine veterinarian in California, then went on to learn acupuncture, chiropractic, Postural Rehabilitation. Somewhere in there, I moved south, way south, and then finally developed an equine veterinary dental practice while I raised my boys in lovely, green, Aotearoa (New Zealand).

I wrote awarded non-fiction as an equine veterinarian, mostly articles for veterinary journals and horse magazines, but eventually, life offered me the opportunity to put pen to paper and write as I’d only done as a youngster in the California redwoods.  I love writing. My stories are now in my blood and I’ve got the bit in my teeth! I’ve been writing an historical romantic thriller series, but I’m soon to be writing a girl-equine veterinarian contemporary series, now that I’ve joined Authors of Main Street! Think female James Herriot in 20th century America! Watch for it in the Christmas Boxed Set!

I was a: Finalist 2013 RWNZ Great Beginnings; Winner 2014 RWNZ Pacific Hearts Award (New Zealand’s equivalent of the RWA Golden Heart Award); Winner 2015 RWNZ Koru Award for Best First Novel plus third in Koru Long Novel section (New Zealand equivalent of the RWA RITA); and Finalist in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award. I’m a past secretary and past president of the Romance Writers of New Zealand.

When I’m not writing, I’m swinging a rapier or shooting a bow in medieval garb, riding, driving a carriage, playing on my farm, singing, or working as an equine veterinarian.

I hope you love my characters and their animals as much as I do. I put my understanding of horses, veterinary medicine, history, things that happen between people, and especially my heart, into my stories.

I hope they give you pleasure.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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A Long Trail Rolling:

Book 1 of The Long Trails series of historical fiction:

Available in digital, standard print and large print

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The Hills of Gold Unchanging:

Book 2 of The Long Trails series.


Available in digital, standard print and large print

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A Sea of Green Unfolding:

Book 3 of The Long Trails series.

Available in digital and print.

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Once  Upon a Vet School #7:

Lena Takes a Foal

Book 7 of the Once Upon a Vet School series

Available in digital and print

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Coming soon:


Book 4 of The Long Trails series


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Enjoy the stories and I’ll hear from you soon!

Lizzi at home in New Zealand