The Signs of Spring – Reno style

To say that learning the ways of a new place is an adventure is an enormous understatement. From the San Francisco Bay Area to Reno is a major adjustment. And at no time is that more clear than the beginning of spring.



Signs that Spring is coming…someday.

  1. The trees are getting buds and little red-breasted birds are appearing in the bare branches. The birds may think it is spring, but the weatherman forcasting snow this weekend is of a different mind.
  2. The weather is getting warmer. If I had ever, in a million years, thought 40° was going to be warmer I would have fallen over laughing. I was a teenaged summer girl, slathered in tanning lotion with Sun-In in my hair.
  3. I am happiest on my computer or reading a book or just about anything indoors. So when I start feeling that urge to go outside and feel the breeze and smell the great outdoors, spring must be coming after all.

Hope you can feel spring coming, or your next season on the other side of the world, wherever you are.

Jill James, romance writer

8 thoughts on “The Signs of Spring – Reno style

  1. Ah, the things we did as a kid. I never used suntan products and was so brown that my mom used to swear that I couldn’t be her child.
    I’m ready for spring, too. I’m tired of the cold, damp, rainy season here.

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  2. The buds are starting here in VA, where I’m traveling. We had snow on the ground in WI a few days ago. Now we’re getting pounding rain at home. Hopefully the buds and blooms will follow soon. Can’t wait for the daffodils and tulips and hyacinth to make their cheerful way through the mud. Hope your spring is beautiful and filled with new joys!


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