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Christmas Stories in June

Is it too early to start talking about holiday romances? Here on Main Street, we’re pretty passionate about Christmas stories. I’ve been working on mine, and I’m pretty sure my author friends are busy polishing theirs, as well. Here’s the … Continue reading

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The First and Last Line

The first and last line of your novel is really the first impression and, hopefully, the lasting impression. The first line should make you say—and then what happened? And the last line should propel you to the author’s blog in … Continue reading

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Out of the Box Book Selling Ideas

By the way, Cicero died in 43 BC. So even if he was concerned about his books being noticed, he must have been successful to have his words carry on throughout the centuries. Most of us don’t really care about … Continue reading

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What if your first kiss was just plain awful? Virgin Kiss FREE Feb 12-15

What if your first kiss, and I mean your VIRGIN KISS was just plain awful? That’s what happened to Riley Murphy, a new student at Holywell High. To overcome my shyness, my mom convinced me to try out for the Drama … Continue reading

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The Pirate Episode

This is the first chapter of my novel, The Pirate Episode, an YA time travel romance, the third book in my Witching Well series. Currently, Pirate only as three reviews. If you’d like to review Pirate, let me know and … Continue reading

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Share the Love Month on Main Street

This February, Main Street is opening its doors and arms to romance! In addition to romantic stories from our very own authors, we’re inviting anyone with a story to tell to post on our site to offer our readers a romantic … Continue reading

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2016 Wrap-up and 2017 Projections

You can read about my 2016 here. And this is what actually happened: Published: Witch Wishes   Menagerie Blog book (nonfiction) Little White Christmas Lie (novella) Anywhere Else (short story) Return to Cinder (short story)   Newsletter Subscription: 400 to … Continue reading

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