The Unseen World Just Off Main Street


Just off Main Street, and right under your nose, there may exist an unseen world of creatures we call faeries and pixies.

pixie kitchen

All of us probably have some memory attributed to the influence of faeries and pixies. When I was a kid, I visited a place on the Oregon coast called Pixie Kitchen. The food was magically good. midsummer-eve-victorian-art

But the idea of sweetly, child-like faeries are largely a product of the Victorian age. In ancient lore, faeries were a mischievous, and sometimes downright murderous, lot.

And Cornish pixies (or piskeys) could be be the most magical and evil of all.

According to Pixie Folklore and Legends by Enys Tregarthen, God once called on Adam and Eve after they’d been driven from Eden. Eve was washing the children (she had a lot by then) but still had some unwashed. She presented the clean children to God, and when when He asked if she had other children, Eve said no because she was embarrassed that some were still dirty. God was upset at her deception and so decreed that the children Eve hid must remain hidden. The children went away into the forests, hills, and lonely places where they remain hidden from man, ‘not good enough for heaven and not bad enough for hell’.

So maybe they have a reason to be annoyed. But a quick note to kids—don’t fight bath time!

house pixies 

When they’re in a good mood, pixies might clean your house when you’re not looking (please come to my house—see I left out milk for you!), and have parties complete with tiny horses and chariots when you’re asleep. If you happen to wander into a ring of stones or mushrooms, you’ll be pixie-led, destined to wander aimlessly, speaking jibberish (or maybe that was too much whiskey—which oddly enough rhymes with piskey—but I digress). 

Truly evil pixies are called spriggans and have been known to steal babies from their cribs, leaving behind one of their own kind called a ‘changeling’. A formerly sweet, perfect child grows into a sullen troublemaker. Who’s with me in saying they’ve met one? I know, right?

Explore this unseen world off Main Street with my Tennessee Waltz series, where fireflies and pixies intersect with a singer just trying to make it to Nashville, a yoga instructor trying to keep the doors of her studio open, and a travel agent who wonders if she’ll ever truly feel at home

TN waltz series


Magic is always just around the corner…

12 thoughts on “The Unseen World Just Off Main Street

  1. Great post. I wanted fairies/pixies and elves/brownies when I was little. Now I’d just love for them to come clean my house and mend things. They still fascinate me. Maybe that should be my next art project – a fairy.
    BTW, I love your writing, Bella and can’t wait for your next book (in this series?).


  2. My grandfather’s ancestry was Welsh, Scotch-Irish, and English. My grandmother was the same with French thrown into the mix plus the women in her lineage had “the sight.” I heard all about ghosts and pixies and fairies when I was growing up. Loved those stories. I can remember once when I was about 7, I purposely woke up one Saturday before dawn. I went through the house tidying things up and washed the dishes in the kitchen sink that had been used for snacks the night before. When my mother got up, I told her that a pixie had come into the house and cleaned it. (I could really use a pixie in today’s world.)

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