Fall is Here by Pepper Phillips

2007-01-09 01.38.09

Want to do something smaller and cheaper than a pumpkin? Try a Satsuma. These beauties came from our own trees.

I love the fall. I miss the different colored leaves however. I remember growing up in Maryland, and the gorgeous fall display of fallen leaves. I think that Maple trees had the best ones. They would range from yellow, to orange to red, all from the same tree.

There are certain days when the weather is dry and the leaves are super crunchy when you walk through them.

Here in the deep South, you might get one day when you have those dry leaves. Soon, the pecans will start to fall from the trees. You will be sitting outside and hear a nut drop to the ground. I finally figured the easiest way to harvest pecans is to rake under the tree, then sit down on a boat cushion and move the leaves to get to the nuts hiding underneath. The standing and bending over to pick up each one doesn’t work for me anymore!

The summer garden is gone. We don’t have a winter garden, due to the fact that hunting season starts next month.

The alligator season is already finished, as the hubby filled out his five tags. (You have to have a special tag to kill an alligator.) This year I accused him of feeding the gators as they managed to steal the bait several times before they were ‘hooked’. And no. The hubby does not wrestle alligators. Only nutcases would do that, and with a small gator at that. What do we do with the alligators? There is a woman who buys them for the skin and meat. You are paid by the foot. The bigger the gator, the more you get.

All the church and school fairs have begun or will be held next month. These are big fund raisers and I’ll deal with one next month. It’s amazing what a concentrated effort on the part of volunteers can accomplish when they choose to work together for a common purpose.

Until next time, enjoy the life in your ‘small town’ whether it is a neighborhood or a real town.

Pepper Phillips

4 thoughts on “Fall is Here by Pepper Phillips

  1. Tell hubby that I think he’s crazy for hunting them! Shudder! Do those dinosaurs even have a place in our ecosystem?

    And who decided to settle in such a place. Hmm, let’s see; it’s unbearable hot, the mosquitoes will carry you away and there are dinosaurs who will eat you. And since we can’t find the springs that will give us eternal youth, I think I’ll live here!

    BTW, look in the garden catalogs for a strange tool that has a ball made of flexible wires at the end of a handle. (It will remind you of that whip we use in the kitchen, except shaped like a ball.) Anyway, you roll it over the ground and it picks up the nuts! It will catch an occasional leaf, but most of the time, the the leaves flatten under it and the nut slips through the wire and gets caught inside. It will also catch walnuts and several smaller nuts and acorns. Handy little thing for those of us who hate bending over. 🙂

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  2. I’m loving the cooler mornings Fall is bringing with her! A few leaves are beginning to change color already here in Georgia. But oh what glorious colors we’ll have in a few weeks. Your hubby is a brave one! I’m surprised my son hasn’t gotten into hunting alligators!


  3. It cracks me up that you have an “alligator season”. Funny and down right scary at the same time. Fall color is beginning here in late September and is in full riotous color by mid-October. The pumpkins are out as are the vibrantly colored mums. Still, we have late summer roses blooming at our local outdoor botanical gardens, there are a few in my garden as well. What a lovely time of year. I’m looking forward to laying the seeds of stories now for spring and summer next year. Loved this post, Pepper. Happy Autumn!


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