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Being originally from Baltimore, Maryland I was used to four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Moving to California–not so much. LOL I’ve always joked that Cali has two seasons: wet and cold and hot and dry. Nowadays, it seems … Continue reading

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Autumn is Coming!

It takes a little longer here in Northern California, but you can feel a difference in the air. The mornings and late evenings are getting cooler. Some trees are getting some color. My writing urges are in overdrive. I want … Continue reading

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The Seasons and Writing – Jill James

I’m enjoying the feel of autumn returning to Northern California. We don’t get the colors of the Northeast, our leaves usually just turn brown and fall off, but we do get that slight chill to the air in the morning. … Continue reading

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The Magic of Autumn

For me every season has its magic, its beauty, its wonder. Spring gives rise to hope and renewal; beauty springs forth and life blossoms anew. Summer is a time of growth, loving, and taking joy in all the activities warm … Continue reading

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I love Autumn!

It’s fall here in Virginia, USA, and I love this time of year. The weather is almost perfect. Cool evenings and crispy days that are still sun warmed. Pumpkins and gourds are everywhere. I love it so much I wrote … Continue reading

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Picking up the pace – and the leaves on the ground by Stephanie Queen

Has anyone else noticed how much busier and more serious we are when Autumn strikes? Maybe we’re like the squirrels stocking up for winter in our own human way. For SQ it means writing my fingernails off (eeuw!–not really) and running … Continue reading

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

While summer is a great time to lay out in the sun with a book, my summers are often too busy to read. Plus there are so many other activities that go with blue sky and sunshine. My books end … Continue reading

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