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You’re Never Too Old for Halloween

My kids love dressing up for Halloween. I must admit that I do too, especially when Halloween falls on a weekday and people come to the office (my day job) dressed up in all sorts of elaborate and imaginative costumes. … Continue reading

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October’s furious pace – and the welcoming of the Dark Half of the year

I usually blog the third Wednesday of the month. I realized I’d missed my blog day as I sat drinking a coffee in bed, the Saturday after, with my daughter in Toronto. I’d left for Toronto on Wednesday – usual … Continue reading

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A Spooky Day in the Life of Stephanie Queen

Is it a coincidence that during this Halloween time of year (sorry if this doesn’t apply to you folks from non-Trick-or-Treating cultures) that black cats seem to multiply and the howling wind sounds like haunting ghosts? I think not. Even … Continue reading

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Small Town Halloween

Not that many people decorated their yard this year. This display is located down the street from my house. There is this and another display similar to it on the left hand side of the yard. At night orange lights … Continue reading

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Entranced Halloween

Announcing the Entranced Box Set. I am pleased to be a part of this Halloween themed box set. Halloween is huge for Celts everywhere, and I am no exception to that truism. The Celts call Halloween, Samhain (sow-in). It is … Continue reading

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The Magic of Autumn

For me every season has its magic, its beauty, its wonder. Spring gives rise to hope and renewal; beauty springs forth and life blossoms anew. Summer is a time of growth, loving, and taking joy in all the activities warm … Continue reading

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Oranges for Halloween?

The hubby picked the first ripe satsuma oranges yesterday.  We’ll be having tree-ripen oranges for awhile. Knowing I had to write a blog the day before Halloween, I thought I would have some fun.   This is the result…and what … Continue reading

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