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Joan Reeves—Keeping Romance Alive...One Sexy Book at a Time—is a New York Times and a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance. Her books are available as ebooks, audio books, and print books. Several of her books are available in French editions through Bragelonne, her publisher in France. All of Joan's stories have the same premise that it's never too late to live happily ever after. She lives her happily-ever-after with her hero, her husband. They divide their time between a book-cluttered home in Houston and a quiet house at the foot of the Texas Hill Country where they sit on the porch at night, look up at the star-studded sky, and listen to the coyotes howl. Sign up for Joan's email list & be first to know about new books and giveaways:

Real Life Versus Writing Life by Joan Reeves #AoMS

I’m late publishing this post today because I came up empty in the find an entertaining subject category. I just can’t think of anything except how down in the dumps I feel. You see I’m tired and real life is … Continue reading

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Parents And Problems by Joan Reeves

I’m slow to get this post up today because I’ve been on the phone a long time counseling my oldest kid. He’s going through that difficult time: raising a teenager. He bemoaned how hard it was to deal with his … Continue reading

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What Did We Do Before YouTube? by Joan Reeves

Back in the old days, humans would sit in front of the TV and flip from channel to channel using the remote. Now, with a smart TV, humans–like me–can click on the TV’s YouTube app and be entertained for hours … Continue reading

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Christmas in a Galaxy Far Away by Joan Reeves

I bet you thought this was going to be a review of the new Star Wars movie. Nope. We aren’t seeing that until Christmas Day. (We have a date with our younger daughter and her husband–both are complete Star Wars … Continue reading

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Cherry Pie-Cake, Easiest Holiday Dessert Ever by Joan Reeves

Less than a week to Thanksgiving, and I’m in the holiday mood. I’ve been cleaning, sprucing up the guest room, and hanging the rest of the art that has been stacked in an upstairs closet for almost 2 years. With … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures by Joan Reeves

I guess everyone has at least one guilty pleasure. Me? I have so many that I’ve categorized them. Today, I’m sharing my collection of guilty pleasures with you. Sweets Some people love ice cream. I can go for months without … Continue reading

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10 Rainy Day Pleasures by Joan Reeves

August has been hotter than usual here on the Texas Gulf Coast with many triple-digit temperature days. Many counties in Texas are now in drought conditions again and burn bans abound. So it was with surprise and anticipation when we … Continue reading

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